Automated Marketing: Mistakes you shouldn't make.

Automated marketing is an essential resource for managing effective customer relationships. The most used techniques are: sending emails and sending SMS, updating content on the web or SSR, monitoring the prospectus, email marketing, among others.

All these techniques aim to guide the prospect through the sales funnel during the buyer's journey.

Most common errors.

-Unclear strategy and objectives. For an automation strategy to work effectively, it must have a solid strategy (blog posts, content offers and action calls, company promotions) aimed at potential customers.

One of the most common mistakes is sending messaging without a pre-defined goal, a fundamental step to focus our efforts in a single, concrete and defined direction. The way to measure the success of automated marketing will be evaluating the achievement of the objectives achieved.

-Erroneous segmentation and abuse of messaging. There is no doubt that it is an essential automated marketing tool. For the strategy to be successful, a good market segmentation will be necessary, aimed at specific people with specific needs.

To do this, the target must be defined in advance according to the criteria assigned for the campaign.

It will be preferable to have a smaller volume of potential customers with a greater participation than a massive contact list that ignores the messaging.

For this, we must ensure that our messaging provides added value for your audience.

-Lack of global automation. The more processes they automate, the more time we have to dedicate to other tasks such as attracting new customers.

An automated marketing software brings many benefits such as organizing and servicing all communication channels during monitoring and lead nurturing, for this will be indispensable coordination between the marketing department and the sales department.

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