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Digital transformation has also reached the legal sector. Especially during the last two years of the pandemic, digital communication has been boosted. On the one hand, due to the continuous development in telecommunications and on the other hand, due to the need to implement online actions instead of physical ones, due to restrictions. We are referring to something as concrete as being able to send and sign contracts online, or send documentation through digital channels.

Processes and procedures that used to be carried out physically and that required a certain amount of time and cost, have been optimised thanks to communication through digital channels. In this article we explain more about online contracts and the possibility of digital signatures.

Defining the concept: online contract

We understand a contract as a legal agreement, oral or written, entered into between two or more persons with legal capacity, bound by virtue of such a contract. It requires the fulfilment of a specific purpose or thing. It is an agreement of wills between two or more parties intended to create obligations and generate rights.

In the case of an online contract, the definition is the same. The only difference is that it does not require the physical presence of both parties to sign the contract. It can be sent and signed online, with the same legal validity as a physical one.

For the digital signature of contracts to be valid, a number of conditions must be met:

  • In the contract, both parties are required to agree to the terms in a way that affirmatively reflects their assent.
  • A typed signature is required at the end of an Email or document.
  • There must be a clickable checkbox for agreements before the contracted party accepts the contract.
  • The electronic signature has to allow verification by the contracting party and the contracted party.

Advantages of sending and signing contracts online

There are many advantages of being able to send and sign contracts online. In this section we list the ones we consider most important:

  1. No intermediaries: no intermediary is needed. It is thanks to the software and communication channel that the whole process falls solely on the parties involved.
  2. Reliable: All the information sent in an online contract is totally secure and encrypted. It also prevents fraud. The exchange of information and/or transaction involves a high level of security.
  3. Faster and cheaper: on the one hand, it is a much faster process that does not require one or both parties to travel to a specific place. Nor is it necessary to hire an intermediary to carry out the process.
  4. Secure: All the information sent can be stored in the cloud, making it safer and more accessible.

Digital channels for sending contracts online

On the one hand we have digital channels such as SMS and Certified Email; on the other hand it is also possible to send legal documents via instant messaging. The main channels are:

Online contracts with Afilnet

With Afilnet you can create online contracts with the possibility of handwritten signature, from any device. Our contract editing tool allows you to create and edit models and import them in PDF format. You can also include the option of digital signature.

Multi-device contracts. This is a service for signing contracts online, which allows you to sign handwritten contracts from any device.

This service can be used on computer, tablet or mobile device, being also compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS and others.

Contracts by Certified Email, Certified SMS or Instant Messaging. With Afilnet you can send contracts through certified channels such as SMS, Email; or any other instant messaging app, such as: WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, etc. To anywhere in the world.

How to send contracts through Afilnet

Below you will find the necessary steps to create and send online contracts with Afilnet. To be able to perform this action you must be registered on the platform, in case you are not yet registered, you can create an account by accessing the website.

  1. In the administration panel, go to "Cloud Services". On the left panel.
  2. When we are on that page, we will select: "Contract/Payroll" and we will select add.
  3. Once you have completed all the fields and attached the file itself, select: "Add document".
  4. Once added, it will appear under "Cloud Services".
  5. Finally, we publish the service. This way it will be available to attach and send in the channel we want.

Create documentation and contracts for free with Afilnet

We currently work with various companies and organisations in the legal sector who place their trust in us. When it comes to creating online documentation and contracts, many companies use our platform to carry out different telematic processes, in order to streamline procedures and save unnecessary costs.

With our platform we give you the option of creating contracts with the option of online signatures completely free of charge. In addition, you can send the documentation through the most convenient channel for you, so that your communications are always at the forefront of telecommunications.

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