Transactional Email

A transactional email is an electronic mail sent as a result of an interaction between a user and a website. It is a type of email automatically generated from certain actions performed by a user, such as a registration, an order confirmation or resetting a password.

They have great effectiveness and higher open rates compared to Email Marketing, since we have the attention of our users. In this case, users expect a response, for example, to know if their registration has been successful. Transactional Email is an outstanding channel for building loyalty and generating new customers.

Difference between Transactional Email and Email Marketing

Transactional Email is not the same as Email Marketing. When we launch an email campaign, our goal is to reach several users at the same time with the same message. This is the example of a newsletter. On the other hand, Transactional Emails involve a higher degree of customisation, as it is a message generated from an action performed by a user.

In a Transactional Email, we can send information or attached documentation, whereas in an Email Marketing campaign, we cannot attach any file. This is very good for automating invoices and purchase orders.

In a transactional email, unlike an email marketing campaign, we are not compelled to include an unsubscribe link in the footer of the email.

The fact of having an immediate response, requires urgency in sending this type of emails, so they must be delivered quickly and effectively. The user expects a response to the action he has taken or needs some information to continue with a procedure he is performing.

In Email Marketing campaigns, we can schedule the sending for any time we deem appropriate, since the user will not be aware of it because it does not expect a response from us.

Transactional Email Uses

Completing a transaction

  • The customer can resume a transaction that was left incomplete.
  • It promotes the brand.
  • It is direct channel.

Welcome email

  • It has an informal tone but without losing their essence.
  • Offers discounts and therefore stimulate immediate purchases.
  • Include value propositions from the company.
  • Offers a good balance between image and text.

Confirmation of the email address

  • They comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • They include positive call-to-action messages.

Order Confirmation

  • It ise visually appealing.
  • Includes clear links to manage the order.
  • They are very simple and understandable.

Confirmation of shipment on the way

  • Loyalty to our brand.
  • Conciseness and simplicity.
  • They invite to perform other actions.
  • They include value propositions.

Reset password

  • Brand loyalty.
  • Reinforces a company message.
  • Provides security to the user.

Prompting the customer to take action

  • They include a very clear and concise call to action for the customer.
  • Encourages interaction with the customer.
  • Promotes customer loyalty.

Advantages of Transactional Email

  • Personalisation of the treatment of the potential customer. This is the most important feature of the Transactional Email. As the customisation of the emails when dealing with potential customers is very effective as we get closer to them.
  • Immediacy in sending Transactional Emails. As it is an action performed by the user, in this type of email, sending is automatic so the user does not have to wait for a response from us. Thanks to this, we will improve the awareness of our brand and our customer service will have less workload and will be more effective.
  • Improved experience. Let's not forget that a satisfied customer is fundamental to build trust. Thanks to Transactional Email, we can improve the user experience by giving them special attention every time they perform an action and need confirmation of some kind.

We help you implement Transactional Email

Fluid communication with our customers is vital. The size of the brand does not matter as all brands have the same objective, which is to build customer loyalty.

If you need to automate your Transactional Email campaigns, our services can offer you the content that your users need. At Afilnet, we can help you implement a service that is tailored to your business model and is efficient.

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