How to create a successful SMS campaign

In this article we show you how to create a successful SMS campaign. First we will define SMS marketing campaigns as a set of digital communication and promotion strategies carried out through SMS text messages, sent to mobile phone numbers belonging to a legal database, i.e. users who give their prior consent to be contacted through this channel. Generally these campaigns are carried out through mass mailing platforms or applications by means of APIs or platforms such as SMS Gateway or omnichannel.

As we have discussed in previous articles, the SMS is one of the channels with the highest opening rate (around 98%) which makes it an ideal channel for sending promotions or notifications, as long as we have the authorization of the receiver or user.

Key tips for creating SMS Marketing campaigns

Messages with relevant content. If you don't have anything important to say in a text message, don't send it. Your customers can be very reluctant to send messages that offer them nothing, which can cause them to be removed from the list. Send messages that offer attractive and important content, such as information about upcoming events, discount coupons and exclusive offers, etc.

Choose the right time to send. Knowing how to choose the right moment to send messages in a campaign is fundamental. For example, a restaurant that sends out coupons or other promotions at lunchtime will be able to influence its customers much more than if it sends out early in the day.

Avoid abbreviations. It's better to use whole words than abbreviations as they can make you look unprofessional, which can cause certain subscribers to be rejected or unsubscribed. You always have the option of concatenating more than one SMS if you think it will exceed 160 characters, although we recommend that you always send the content in 1 SMS only.

Web links or urls are a good idea. Linking to your company's website will not only help increase traffic to the site, but can also improve your sales. It is better to use shortened links so as not to waste characters, besides for this action there are tools that will allow you to do it in a fast and easy way. It is important that the receiver knows the url or web domain of the company, to avoid mistrust or rejection at the time of clicking. This is essential if you want to know how to create a successful SMS campaign.

Answer in capital letters. Writing the offer or coupon in capital letters in your reply message is a great help, as it highlights the message and captures the customer's attention. For example, "FREE", "2X1 ON ALL PRODUCTS", etc.

Interaction with Social Networks. Learn how to interact with your customers on Social Networks using SMS. This is another way to make your brand known through text messages. For example, you can write to your customers to tell them that they will win another entry in your sweepstakes if they follow you on Twitter or give "like" on your Facebook page.

Customize. Customizing is always a good idea. Making a customer feel special is a good idea. Instead of saying something like "Dear customer", respond with "Dear (customer's name)".

What errors should be avoided when carrying out an SMS campaign?

These are the five most common errors to avoid if we want to know how to create a successful SMS campaign:

Not making a call to action. All marketing communication must incite the consumer to take action. In SMS marketing campaigns it is exactly the same, and doing it well can be very beneficial. Moreover, its effectiveness can be measured in real time.

Use the SMS once. SMS helps build relationships, so brands must design a global strategy to expand their databases and maintain continuous communication, always sending relevant messages that interest their customers, without being annoying.

Carry out a marketing campaign based on price. Often, many brands and marketing agencies pay little attention to SMS marketing and look for the most economical solution because they do not give it enough importance. In general, it tends to lead to failure and customer disappointment. The SMS channel is a very cheap and very effective marketing medium compared to others, but it is not free either and a good service has its cost.

Send SMS daily to customers. You have to be very careful with the number of messages you send to customers and as we said before you have to be careful. The mobile is something very personal and by sending an SMS we are, in a way, invading their privacy. If we send a few messages but that include an incentive and that are relevant, we will have a sure success, but if we go too far, we will tire the customer and he will quickly unsubscribe.

Be generic. SMS must be personalized, it is a direct and personal relationship with the customer and it must be perceived as such. The messages should be short and simple and should include the customer's name to give him more warmth.


SMS must be seen as a conversation with the customer in a personal environment and, when including it in a global marketing strategy, its particular characteristics must be taken into account so that higher conversion rates are obtained.

Finally, the customer must always be encouraged and the content and offers by SMS must be designed specifically for the channel, differentiating it from other media. In this way, the consumer will appreciate them more and will be eager to continue receiving them.

In Afilnet we are experts for over 15 years in SMS campaigns. In addition to teaching you how to create a successful SMS campaign, we can advise you on how to manage a multichannel campaign. Do not hesitate to visit our website and consult us.

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