How to turn your contacts into sales: Lead Marketing

One of the keys to Inbound Marketing is lead acquisition. But what happens when you already have a database with leads or contacts and you want to convert them into sales? In this article we will show you the necessary steps to know how to convert your contacts into sales.

First of all: what is a lead?

We define a lead as a user who has delivered their data to a company and that becomes a record of its database with which the organization can interact. It is necessary that this person has accepted the privacy policy of the company under his own will, before registering.

A lead will be defined in a different way according to the sector and objectives of each company, as well as the point of the marketing funnel in which it is captured.

Normally, leads are generated through valuable content that can be downloaded through a form, either by accessing a landing page, website, blog article, Social Network campaign, etc..

What's the next level?

Next we will tell you about the next step so that you can start generating a real benefit from those contacts or Database that you have already achieved. This is lead marketing, which is the result of combining two techniques to assess and qualify existing business opportunities. These two steps are:

Lead scoring: which is about ranking your contacts.
Lead nurturing: which is the process of maturation of potential customers through your sales funnel.
Both points are complementary and must be activated from the moment a user or registration becomes a lead, once you have provided a series of data such as name and email address, after filling out one of your forms or register on your website.

1. Lead scoring

Lead scoring is an automated marketing technique that aims to qualify leads from a database until they become customers (person buyers), their interaction with the company and the stage at which they are inside the sales funnel.

From this qualification, it is possible to classify all leads and launch more specific and effective campaigns.

As part of lead marketing, lead scoring allows you to systematize the valuation of the leads in the database and give them a score, depending on their characteristics and the interest they show in your company.

How to identify your leads?

Explicit information: this is the data provided by the lead itself. That is to say those sociodemographic: name and surname, email, telephone, profession, etc. The more it resembles your ideal buyer person or client, the more value it will obtain.
Implicit information: is based on the behavior of each lead. For example: what pages you visited, what assets were downloaded, email opening rate, etc.
The lead scoring helps you to score each of the business opportunities that enter your sales funnel, this way we will have clearer the path to follow with each prospect in particular.

In order to decide the different levels of this funnel and therefore the evaluation of the state of each lead, it is fundamental the consensus between the marketing and commercial departments. It is necessary to establish a description of what a lead is and its different states until it becomes a client; to create a reporting system and to maintain a fluid communication. All this may vary depending on your type of business or product / service you are offering.

Aligning marketing and sales departments is decisive for converting contacts into sales, as the time of when to assign the contact to the sales manager to close the sale must be jointly established.

In short, lead scoring helps prioritize business opportunities, favoring the leads that are most likely to become customers. Within your Inbound Marketing strategy, it will make sense to apply it when you have a machine that generates leads continuously.

Thanks to scoring, lead marketing will help you identify which leads are ready to buy. If they are not mature enough, you will have to keep working on them to obtain the best possible lead scoring.

2. Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is an automated marketing technique that aims at maturing business opportunities with leads and building the loyalty of existing customers.

This technique is framed within inbound marketing as the key phase of the sales process, from the moment we create the first contact until it becomes a customer and subsequently becomes loyal.

Lead nurturing is a method through which to build relationships with potential customers. This lead marketing technique makes it possible to develop personalized relationships, offering valuable content at each stage of the Buyer's Journey.

Depending on the phase of the funnel in which the lead is, different actions will be generated to guide it through the sales funnel. These phases are:

IQL : Information Qualified Leads

The user is in phase one within the lead marketing and shows interest in the topics or contents of which your organization speaks. In this stage of recognition you must continue to provide useful information to the contact until it identifies your company as a reference in the sector or finds your products / services quite satisfactory. Your objective is to captivate the interest of the prospect.

A very interesting channel of information at this stage can be the Social Networks. It will be important to be able to send information and generate post that manages to arouse the interest of the prospects who follow you.

MQL: Marketing Qualified Leads

Cold leads are those that need a guide to the end of the funnel.

In this second phase of lead marketing, known as the meditation or consideration stage, the user has already shown a certain interest in the product/service you offer and is valuing your company as a possible purchase. Now is the right time to provide them with brand and product related content that truly stands out. For example: testimonials from other customers, success stories, quality, brand differentiation, etc.

SQL Sales Qualified Lead

SQL is also known as hot leads prepared for sale.

They themselves have asked to be contacted to deepen and evaluate the offer with the advice of an expert. When a lead is classified as SQL the moment of truth has arrived. You can now pass the contact to the sales team, as it is ready for purchase.

One of the keys to lead nurturing is email marketing. The sending of personalized newsletters with offers and links to download assets, will help you to mature the lead and accompany it towards a possible conversion.

Lead marketing techniques will save time to the sales department, because thanks to the classification and qualification of leads, they will be able to focus their commercial efforts on real opportunities to generate sales.

Marketing Intelligence and automation of processes and actions

We can describe Marketing Intelligence as one that allows you to collect and analyze information to know your buyer better person and accompany him throughout the Buyer's Journey to reach the sale.

In order to do it effectively and efficiently, Marketing Automation comes into play to automate processes and obtain better results. How does it do it? Creating segmented lists, depending on the phase of relationship with each lead; integrating all the information to facilitate data analysis; automating workflows. In short, automating lead scoring and nurturing.

In short, we can say that it will be extremely important that you identify each lead and that you have a platform that helps you automate all necessary actions so that you can convert your contacts into sales.

In Afilnet we are experts in multichannel marketing and for this we have a platform that will allow you to connect with your leads and customers through different channels. In this way you can automate shipping actions depending on the stage in which your lead is within the sales funnel.

If you want to know more about us and how we can help you convert your contacts into sales with lead scoring and lead nurturing actions, do not hesitate to access our website:

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