Interaction recommendations for Corporate Social Networks.

Corporate social networks are a digital marketing tool indispensable today.

These tools will mean an investment and at the same time, a saving of money for the company.

Their effectiveness will be proven by stabilizing the accounts within the current market.

Ways to have a good interaction with corporate social networks.

Reply within an hour after receiving the message. This data will increase the probability of fluid communication between client and company, which will also be positive when it comes to increasing the rate of conversions in your publications.

Personalize your attention. In order to do this, it may be useful to have some prefabricated answers in order to speed up the number of answers in a given time.
Chatbots are a good tool when they are well configured, for which you will need a high budget to simulate the level of response that seems human.

Follow up. To get a good conversion rate will be critical. Ideally, it should be carried out the day after sending the requested information.

Answer all comments. Even those who don't need an answer. The answers not only reinforce the presence in the network, but also give visibility to the company.

Don't take things personally. Even if you feel attacked, if you receive a comment or sabotage from a user do not take it personally or engage in discussion, this will not benefit the company.

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