Mentions of your brand: Convert them into Backlinks.

If you are looking to enhance your link building, claiming your brand mentions as inbound links will be a fundamental objective within your strategy.

Retrieving links is the easiest process to find mentions of your brand and be able to ask the publisher in this way the conversion into a link to your website.
The mentions can be very varied and come from many different places. To do this, let's see how to look for these mentions, where to look for them and some tools we can use to find them.

Know your company.
Normally, the CEO of the company conducts interviews, participates in a discussion forum or conferences as a speaker. If this is the case, it is very likely that there is a mention to his name that we can analyze, possibly along with a mention of the brand it represents.
This opportunity is excellent in order to contact editors of publications, getting the mention or comments linked to your domain.

Mentions on twitter.
Hashtags are tools that work and give good results when highlighting specific events or mentions in conferences in which your company is involved.
Attendees and bloggers can tweet by including a link to the event/congress promotion page.
It is on those pages where there is an opportunity to request the link.

Mentions in Blogs and Media.
Keeping up to date with your company's news is a good tool, as you can find mentions in press releases or publications in other blogs in the sector.
They can often write about you without mentioning your brand, something you can try to correct by following up.

Alerts and Tools.
It is very interesting to follow up on future mentions in addition to those made previously.
To do this, there are tools such as:
Google Alerts
Brand Mention
Open Site Explorer

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