Satisfied customers: Importance for companies

Satisfied customers: Importance for companies

Nowadays it is very important to have a database of customers in order to perform loyalty actions on them in order to get satisfied customers and loyal to the company. All this without leaving aside the capture of new customers, of course.

What is a loyal customer and what are its benefits?

What is a loyal customer? It is a loyal client to the company, faithful to the purchase of its products and services in a repetitive and almost habitual way.

Normally companies have three ranges of products and/or services, which we can divide into three scales.

If we define them in three numerical scales we will obtain the product 1; the superior one that is offered by the company, the product 2; the means that is offered by the company and the product 3; the low one that is offered by the company.

The public of the company may have the potential to acquire the products or services of the range 1, but normally they opted for the 3.

Once the company satisfies the needs of the client, he feels satisfied and creates a bond with the company, which will have achieved its loyalty, obtaining many advantages and benefits on their part.

One of the multiple benefits that the company can obtain is that the customer manages a scale in the range of the products it consumes (5% to 30%), that is to say generally, it will ascend from product range 3 to product range 2, which will provide the company with 10% more revenue and 50% more profits.

Another major benefit will be the creation of a "word of mouth" promotion, based on customer satisfaction to recommend the company's products or services they like so much.

Finally, the remarkable participation in the market. With the above benefits, the company will obtain a multitude of benefits in the market in which it participates, leaving aside the competition.

When the company achieves to have satisfied clients, it will have to focus its efforts towards them, since, the important thing will not be to arrive, but to be maintained.

The company must measure satisfaction, innovating and identifying opportunities to improve and customer expectations, thus avoiding monotony.

How to build customer loyalty

As explained above, loyal customers will provide a multitude of benefits to the company, but their loyalty will depend on more than just a good product or service.

The first step in building customer loyalty will be to offer them more than they expect.

In order to achieve consumer satisfaction, we will be able to use both digital and personal tools, which will make it easier and save us time and money:

  • Loyalty programs. Based on obtaining points for making purchases. It is one of the loyalty tactics that works best.
  • Email Marketing. It is one of the most powerful conversion tools. The sending of newsletters by groups, novelties and products/services of interest will provide a competitive advantage in the relationship with customers. We all like companies to be interested in us, our tastes and preferences.

Today there are many companies that offer their email marketing services, a tool that provides the greatest number of opportunities at affordable prices for every company.

  • Surprise. If the margins of sales of the company allow it, it will have to include some gift or surprise for the clients. This will generate greater satisfaction, which will be infallible for the consumer to repeat the purchase.
  • Build social relationships. Emphasize the usefulness of social networks to build lasting relationships with customers and get new. For them you will have to:

-Create publications and promotions dedicated to loyal customers.

-Establish a social network for customers to communicate their satisfaction, dissatisfaction, doubts or problems.

-Allow customers to book new season products.

-Offer benefits for interaction and loyalty in social networks.

  • Offer discounts. It will be a simple tactic that will consist of offering discounts only to loyal customers, which will lead them to buy more expensive products with a discount, providing a greater margin to companies. It is important to offer strategies adapted to the types of customers, their loyalty and seniority.
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