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SMS is still more alive than ever. This is something we have already mentioned in previous articles, and this is not just because or by mere chance, but because it is a proven fact that their use is still growing and that more and more companies are implementing them in their multi-channel campaigns. In fact, mass sms campaigns are really effective for attracting prospects and customer loyalty as they have an opening rate of 98%. Now we talk about what exactly are the SMS Cloud Services.

The SMS is no longer text

In this article we are going to talk about the possibilities that exist today with the sending of sms. Specifically of the SMS Cloud Services.

SMS Cloud Services are services attached to the SMS that allow you to extend the reach of this type of digital messaging by offering added value to communications with your customers and affiliates, while giving your company valuable information about your database.

These services are made up of different solutions, each one of them designed for a specific purpose. Below we explain some of the most popular SMS Cloud Services:

SMS Feedback

This service allows you to get positive feedback from your customers or database. It is an effective tool that allows you to obtain relevant information and data by creating different types of surveys, whether they are satisfaction or quality surveys, opinion polls, data forms, registrations and cancellations or different types of customer tests.

Among the most interesting features of the service, there is the possibility of including open questions and answers, as well as obtaining detailed reports of the results of the feedback by user and response time.

Without a doubt, this service is quite effective if you want to know the opinion or preferences of your customers, which will help you make better decisions and understand your customers better.

Certified documentation with digital signature

This service is intended to speed up the process ofe management, saving time and unnecessary costs, and of course being more environmentally friendly. Thanks to this service you can send different types of digital documentation with the possibility of signature (also digital) by the receiver, so that communication becomes a fluid and effective process.

This service allows you to send different types of documents ranging from contracts, payrolls and invoices, which makes it ideal for large institutions that want to streamline procedures between their employees and customers, such as agencies or law firms.

Promotional Coupons

This is a service specially dedicated to the promotion of customer loyalty. It is important to mention that this service should not be used for recruitment, since it can generate SPAM, and it is something we should avoid at all costs. On the contrary, it is a service that is aimed at customers of our brand and what we seek with it is to turn them into a subscriber or loyal customer.

Without a doubt this service complements perfectly for your SMS campaigns. Depending on the type of business, you can create and send different promotional coupons to your database such as 2×1 offers, exclusive and specific discounts, prizes, etc.

Event management

As its name suggests, this service allows you to create events to be sent to your customers or affiliates. This is a very useful tool when sharing an event location on Google Maps along with the description, time and most relevant details of the event.

Among the features to highlight is the fact that you can customize it by user, as well as insert QR codes and take advantage of it as an affiliate service where you can include a url for the subscription. This service can become an important tool to obtain a legal database.

Multi File

This dedicated file management service allows you to send and share different formats via SMS. It is simple to use but quite effective when trying to add value to certain personalized communications. It is interesting if what we need is to send catalogues and presentation of services to representatives, marketers or commercial agents, among others.

As we have said, it is simple but interesting because it allows you to send images (JPG, GIF or PNG), documents (TXT, DOC, XLS, XLSX or PDF) as well as audios and videos.

Afilnet power your SMS communications

Afilnet is the first omnicanal platform that puts at your disposal various Cloud Services so you can offer added value and enhance your communications by SMS. Best of all, it is a free service and easy to implement in your campaigns.

If you want more information about the SMS Cloud Services, or you want to implement some of these services to your communications, do not hesitate to visit our website or contact us.

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