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In today's article we are going to present some SMS-compatible services that will help you in the management and organization of tasks in your company as well as in obtaining key data that will help you to know your customers better and to be able to make correct decisions that will influence a better customer-company relationship. Each of the services we describe can be sent through different channels, although today we will focus on sending SMS-compatible services.

It is really a quick and useful option to use each of these services when communicating with your customers, database or employees, generating a url of the service in particular and making a massive sms sending.

Below we explain some of the platforms and web services that we consider more interesting:


TypeForm is a service (Saas) that allows us to create online forms and surveys. It is really interesting because it allows you to get positive feedback from your customers by using tools that provide us with relevant information and data.

TyperForm has a very complete online version, although if you want to get into a more professional level it also has a paid version (with 60 templates in total: 38 free and 22 paid).

You can get very creative forms with a relatively easy usability, both at the time of design and for the user. To configure the forms is done by dragging and dropping, which makes things much easier. You can also add different types of multimedia content: GIF, images, etc… which will make your questionnaire a fun experience and above all an excellent user experience.

These surveys and forms can be shared or sent to your customers or database via SMS, in your loyalty campaigns. By creating different types of surveys, whether they are satisfaction or quality surveys, opinion polls, data forms, etc. you will be able to know the opinion or preferences of your customers, which will help you to make better decisions and to understand your customers better. All you have to do is create the form and then generate a url that you can insert into the SMS - it's that simple!


This web service allows you to generate different online documentation models with the possibility of inserting electronic signatures, as well as create efficient workflows. DocuSign is an ideal tool that replaces having to print, scan, fax or physically mail any document with an online form that is easier, faster and more reliable.

Thanks to this marketing service attached to the sms you can send different types of digital documents with the possibility that the receiver can put their signature, so that communication becomes a fluid and effective process, which makes it an ideal tool for companies that want to speed up procedures with their employees and clients, such as large institutions, management agencies or law firms.

The most interesting thing is that through SMS you can send and share different types of documents such as contracts, payroll and invoices, by simply generating an url and adding it to the SMS. This is intended to streamline management procedures, saving time and unnecessary costs and of course being more environmentally friendly.


It is an automated tool that allows you to plan tasks very easily, which avoids having to make calls or send lots of emails or messages to schedule a meeting. Doodle improves the organization of companies and people in every way, both in efficiency and in speed and concreteness.

Among its features we highlight the option to propose dates and times; that guests can vote for one option or several; add comments to these votes; allow guests to see the options chosen by the rest and finally establish the appointment according to the results of the survey (the date and time most voted will be the final).

As with the other services described above, you can generate a url that is sent as an SMS attachment to each participant from where they can access the service and fill out the survey, vote or accept/reject the meeting.


Eventbrite is an online platform that allows you to create and self-manage events. With this service you will be able to create registrations, control the entrance of participants to your event, carry out the appropriate promotions and sell the tickets, and all this by yourself. In its free version you can send 2000 invitations per day, either by Email or SMS; so you can schedule the sending of the invitations.

With Eventbrite you will be able to create a website of the event from where you will promote the sales or registrations, the money collected, and you will be able to keep in touch with the participants.

One of the most interesting actions is that you can integrate the process of buying tickets or registrations to the event in any website or even in a Facebook fan page; also (and like the other services described) you can generate a service url and share it through SMS with your database or participants.

In Afilnet connect many SMS-compatible services

These are some SMS-compatible services that allow you to speed up processes within your company or organization. Although there are more alternatives to each of them, these are the ones we have found more interesting. In Afilnet can help you connect with these tools and many more, so we invite you to visit our website for more information or contact us.

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