Numbers and calls: Text-to-Speech

In today's article we will be talking about one of the most useful mobile phone services when sending notifications and reminders of appointments or events to our customer database, this is the first service we will include in the Numbers and Calls section: Text-To-Speech.

The Text-To-Speech service offers the possibility to write a text message that when sent will be reproduced as a phone call to both fixed and mobile phones. The dialogue is played back as a call by a digital voiceover, although there is the possibility that we can record a message ourselves and enter it as an answer to the call.

Utilities of the Numbers and Calls services: Text-To-Speech

Within the services Numbers and Calls: Text-To-Speech, it can offer us multiple advantages when communicating with our customer database since its scope is for both fixed and mobile phones. In this way you can take the relationship between company and client to a new level, thus generating added value to your communications.

We recommend this service for the following uses:

Notifications or reminders: This service can be used by clinics or hospitals, for example, that need to send attendance reminders to their patients, either for medical appointments or for collecting samples or data; it can also be used in other types of companies that need to notify their assistants of an important event.

Alerts: This is to send alerts to users when there is an urgent change or notice. The possibility of this type of message reaching both fixed and mobile phones makes it one of the most useful services for companies dedicated to home security and alarms, among others.

Codes: Different types of codes, activation or security codes can also be sent to users. In this case, many companies can make use of this service since it is very useful in terms of security.

Characteristics of the Service:

  • Global Coverage: you can send voice calls to fixed and mobile phones all over the world.
  • Ease of use: you only have to write the text you want to send to be reproduced by digital voice.
  • Rates: It is important to mention that voice calls have a standard rate for every 16 seconds of call. It is also one of the most economical services.
  • Management Panel: Afilnet offers the most advanced user management panel so you can have all the delivery reports on your shipments and campaigns.
  • Programming and customization of shipments: this service gives the possibility as mentioned above to edit the digital voiceover as well as individually customize each user in particular.
  • Scheduling of deliveries: As with all digital channels, Text-To-Speech calls allow you to schedule deliveries for a specific date/time.

Combinations of use with other channels

Text-To-Speech + SMS: If you need to make sure a customer receives an important message, you have the opportunity to send them a confirmation SMS along with a Text-To-Speech message. The big advantage is that we can make sure that the customer receives the message on their mobile or cell phone as well as on their landline.

Text-A-Speech + Email: You can combine these two channels when you send information through one of them and notify the user that it has been received. For example, when you send a periodic newsletter or some other type of information by Email, you can send a Text-To-Speech message to the user confirming that I have sent it to their email.

Text-A-Speech + Virtual Number: when you purchase a virtual number you can both send and receive voice calls. This allows you to make use of a support number for your customers with the possibility of interaction so that you get feedback.

In Afilnet we offer you the most advanced digital channels so you can output all your digital communications from one platform to reach your customers and improve the business-client relationship. If you want to know more about the services of Numbers and Calls: Text-To-Speech, do not hesitate to consult us or visit our website. We will be happy to help you.

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