VR, Blockchain and Messaging as marketing platforms

It’s not new that mobile advertising works, since 3 out of every 4 users interact with the ads out of self-interest. Mobile marketing is a reality, therefore we present Mobile Trends 2018. Mobile Trends 2018 is a special report published by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) that collects insights, analysis and opinions that offer the mobile world a different perspective about the future trends. This post will help in the selection of your objectives and will give a clearer vision about the world of mobile marketing:

1.- Artificial Intelligence

The main benefits in terms of adopting AI (Artificial Intelligence) in mobile marketing are: the implementation of adequate attribution models and advanced techniques of Machine Learning (automatic learning), which allow the analytical data systems analyze large volumes of data (Big Data) and group them in clusters.

2.- Blockchain

This technology centered in the informative blockchain to the end of grouping truthful information isn’t just applied to the financial world, it can be used in a way that a network of advertisers and publishers will be created for the exchange of information in an automated way.

3.- Audio Advertising

We are before a new and hot marketing channel. We’re talking about digital audio, which experimented a boom in the past 2017 and it’s predicted that it will keep growing. One of the advantages of the Audio Advertising is that the message is associated to a more personal experience, enriched at times by the use of headphones.

4.- VR and AR

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are the most potent propellants in terms of the interactive world. This technology permits the delivery of advertising messages in formats never seen before and allowing the consumers to see, listen, feel and identify with the experiences of other people.

5.- Transparency

The transparency in the use of data and the purchase of media is an increasingly insistent demand by the advertisers. Thanks to the technology and the automation of data, it’s possible to design more assertive campaigns, with a more sophisticated and defined segmentation than ever before.

6.- Location-based Services

Thanks to the geolocation the brands can address the user in an adequate moment and place, delivering their messages within context. This technology has transformed many businesses and their way of communicating, and it still is a good option to create new services and accelerate the existing ones.

7.- Mobile payments and security

Currently the digital wallets such as Google Pay and Apple pay offer the user a safe and quick purchase experience. This is possible thanks to the safety resources of the smartphones, which guarantee the veracity of the purchase.

8.- Messaging as a marketing platform

Messaging is a trend that emerges as a result of a change in the behavior of the consumer who don’t want to talk anymore. One of the reasons of the progress of e-commerce is to avoid the interaction with the seller, but the brands have to know their base better and make a segmentation to avoid a possible rejection.

9.- The micro-moments, influencers and mobile content

The mobile is a medium that makes everything faster, providing the possibility of being able to connect and operate in real time. Therefore the companies need to learn to dominate the mobile world, to be able to benefit from the apps that are currently replacing the media due to their massive scope.

10.- Multi-touch attribution in the age of context

When we talk about the multi-touch attribution, we talk about the use of the advanced analytics tools. These tools permit the monitoring of each user taking into account the specific data of each one. Combining these analytic tools with a multi-touch strategy you can map the online and offline channels that intervene in a purchase journey.

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