Add an event to a group with Python

Create an event in a group with Python

Example in Python:

import urllib2


# Create an URL request
sUrl = ""+afilnet_class+"&method="+afilnet_method+"&user="+afilnet_user+"&password="+afilnet_password+"&idgroup="+afilnet_idgroup+"&idtemplate="+afilnet_idtemplate+"&channel="+afilnet_channel+"&time="+afilnet_time+"&timetype="+afilnet_timetype
result = urllib2.urlopen(sUrl).read()

See example in:

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Adds a new event to a group

ParameterDescriptionCompulsory / Optional
class=eventClass requested: Class to which the request is madeCompulsory
method=addeventClass method requested: Method of the class to which the request is madeCompulsory
userUser and e-mail of your Afilnet accountCompulsory
passwordPassword of your Afilnet accountCompulsory
idgroupGroup IDCompulsory
idtemplateTemplate IDCompulsory
channelChannel used for the event (SMS, WhatsAPP, email, social)Compulsory
timeDays, weeks, months or years numberCompulsory
timetypeType of time (possible values: days, weeks, months or years)Compulsory

When you make requests you will receive the following fields:

  •  status
  •  result (if status=success), here you will receive the following values:
    • No additional values will be sent to you
  •  error (if status=error), here you will receive the error code

The possible error codes are listed below

MISSING_USERUser or email not included
MISSING_PASSWORDPassword not included
MISSING_CLASSClass not included
MISSING_METHODMethod not included
MISSING_COMPULSORY_PARAMCompulsory parameter not included
INCORRECT_USER_PASSWORDIncorrect user or password
INCORRECT_CLASSIncorrect class
INCORRECT_METHODIncorrect method
NOT_ACCESS_TO_GROUPYou are not allowed into the indicated group
INCORRECT_TIME_TYPEIncorrect type of time (possible values: days, weeks, months or years)
TEMPLATE_NOT_EXISTSThe selected template does not exist
GROUP_NOT_EXISTSThe selected group does not exist
EVENT_ALREADY_EXISTSThere is already an event for the same channel and the same period of time
  • class: event
  • method: addevent
  • user: user
  • password: password
  • idgroup: 1000
  • idtemplate: 1000
  • channel: sms
  • time: 10
  • timetype: d
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