Send SMS with PHP

Send SMS using HTTP with PHP


Send SMS with PHP

Este método le permite enviar SMS a un destinatario utilizando PHP. Enviar un SMS con PHP es tan sencillo como enviar el origin, destino y el mensaje a enviar a través de una petición a nuestra API.

Example in PHP:


$result = file_get_contents("".$class."&method=".$method."&user=".$user."&password=".$password."&from=".$from."&to=".$to."&sms=".$sms."&scheduledatetime=".$scheduledatetime."&output=".$output);

See example in:

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Method details

Parameter Description Compulsory / Optional
class=sms Class requested: Class to which the request is made Compulsory
method=sendsms Class method requested: Method of the class to which the request is made Compulsory
user User and e-mail of your Afilnet account Compulsory
password Password of your Afilnet account Compulsory
from Sender Compulsory
to Mobile phone number of the recipient Compulsory
sms SMS message to be sent Compulsory
scheduledatetime Sending date and time in yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss format Optional
output Output format of the result Optional

When you make requests you will receive the following fields:

  •  status
  •   result (if status=success), here you will receive the following values:
    • messageid
    • credits
  • error (if status=error), here you will receive the error code

The possible error codes are listed below

Code Description
MISSING_USER User or email not included
MISSING_PASSWORD Password not included
MISSING_CLASS Class not included
MISSING_METHOD Method not included
MISSING_COMPULSORY_PARAM Compulsory parameter not included
INCORRECT_USER_PASSWORD Incorrect user or password
INCORRECT_CLASS Incorrect class
INCORRECT_METHOD Incorrect method
NO_ROUTE_AVAILABLE There are no available paths for the indicated destination
NO_CREDITS Your balance is insufficient
  • class : sms
  • method : sendsms
  • user : user
  • password : password
  • from : Afilnet
  • to : 34600000000
  • sms : sms+test
  • scheduledatetime :
  • output :


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