Effective tools for customer loyalty

Today it is very important to have a database of loyal, satisfied and businesslike customers. Sometimes we give more importance to recruitment to the detriment of loyalty, but we must bear in mind that it is better to get fewer customers and more loyal to the brand than many customers who may be lost gradually due to lack of contact. In this article we will talk about some of the most effective tools for customer loyalty.

Concrete actions for customer loyalty

There are different strategies to achieve effective loyalty:

Reward programs. Based on obtaining accumulated points for making purchases. This is one of the most effective tactics for achieving customer loyalty.

Bonus or gift. If the company’s sales margins allow it, a gift or surprise for customers must be included. We all like to be given something as a gift so that this will guarantee guaranteed customer satisfaction, which will be infallible for the consumer to repeat the purchase.

Build social relationships. Here we must emphasize the usefulness of social networks to build lasting relationships with customers. To do this you can:

Create publications and promotions dedicated exclusively to loyal customers.
Establish a specific social network for customers to communicate their satisfaction, dissatisfaction, doubts or problems.
Allow customers to reserve products for the new season.
Offer benefits for interaction and loyalty on social networks.
Offer discounts. If the company’s margins allow it. It will be a simple tactic that will consist of offering discounts only to loyal customers, which will lead them to buy more expensive products with a discount, providing a greater margin to companies. It will be remarkable to offer strategies adapted to the types of customers, their loyalty and seniority.


Next we will explain the benefits of using different digital channels for your loyalty strategies within the inbound methodology, for this we will show you different examples using a Multichannel Marketing platform for your campaigns.

We will see what differences there are between one channel and another, which ones complement each other best and which ones are the most appropriate for each specific campaign.

If you haven’t started using them yet… What are you waiting for? In Afilnet, we offer you the most advanced digital communication channels as effective tools for customer loyalty.

Digital Channels

SMS: SMS is still one of the most effective communication channels today, mainly due to its high openness rate and its immediacy of delivery. We can say that the SMS is still more alive than ever and is a channel that will be essential for your digital campaigns. Although it can be given multiple uses, we mainly recommend the following for your loyalty actions:

Uses: Quick alerts and notifications. Alerts. Tracking and confirmation of orders. Promotional codes. Etc.

Email: It is the classic loyalty channel par excellence. You have to take into account that if it is not used correctly it can generate SPAM problems, but if it is used well, it turns out to be a very effective channel for loyalty campaigns and above all for communicating and keeping a prospect informed during the different stages within a maturation process.

Email Marketing. It is one of the most powerful conversion tools. Sending newsletters by groups, news and products/services of interest will provide a competitive advantage in the relationship with customers.

Uses: Newsletters. Concrete actions within a process of registration in a service. Offers and promotions. Order tracking. Etc.

Text-To-Speech: This is a rather interesting and unknown channel until relatively recently. Text-To-Voice calls will allow you to extend your range of action in loyalty campaigns, as you can send them to both fixed and mobile phones. It is ideal if you need to send voice notes to landlines and mobiles:

Uses: Alerts. Appointment confirmation. Various alerts.

Virtual Numbers (VLN): These are telephone numbers that are not associated to a fixed telephone line, but are linked to a digital account. Their best function is to acquire a number for commercial or business use only.

A Virtual Number allows you to have a number from a certain country without the need to have a presence there.

There are two types of functionalities in this type of number:

Numbers to send / receive SMS: they allow both sending and receiving SMS from a mobile phone number purchased and associated with a digital account.

Numbers to receive calls: it is a number that can be tollfree or national type whose functionality is the reception and/or diversion of calls.

Multichannel combinations for your communication campaigns

There are many possible combinations for working with these channels, so here are some ideas on how to use them:

SMS + Email: It works perfectly when you notify a customer via SMS (registration for a service, confirmation of appointments, reminders, …) and let them know that you will send them additional information or a newsletter to their email address. In this way we ensure that the client receives all the necessary information and also avoid the dreaded SPAM.

SMS + Text-To-Speech: If you need to ensure that a customer receives an important message, you have the opportunity to send him a confirmation SMS as well as a complementary message in audible voice. The big advantage is that we can make sure that the customer receives the message on his mobile or cell phone as well as on his landline.

Digital Numbers (VLN) for SMS sending: If you want to dedicate a number for exclusive commercial or business use and receive answers from your customers to that same number, the perfect option is to enable a digital number. In case your customers are from a certain country, you can purchase a number for that country to generate more confidence.

Here are some examples of combinations for multi-channel campaigns, although there may be many more depending on the business and the needs of prospects and customers. In Afilnet we are experts in optimizing communication omnicanal B2B and B2C, so if you need more information about how to implement effective tools for customer loyalty, do not hesitate to contact us. Visit us on our website: https://www.afilnet.com/uk/