Register Virtual Company Phone Number for WhatsApp Business

Afilnet allows you to register virtual phone numbers to use the in your commercial activity, to that end, one of the most interesting purposes that we offer is to register numbers in order to provide support to clients through the app WhatsApp.

With this service, you can install WhatsApp Business and use it to receive from or send messages to your clients, thus dedicating an exclusive number for your commercial activity.

To make use of this service you only need to follow the following steps:

1.- Register on, to do that you can click on the following link:

2.- Enter your details and validate your account through the email that you will receive, subsequently access to your account.

3.- Go to Channels > Add New Channel

4.- Select the option that you wish to acquire a new phone / cellphone channel, select the country and search.

5.- Click on Buy on the number that you want. After this, you will have a number to use with WhatsApp Business.

6.- Now we move on to the validation process of the number and the integration, to do so you must need to download the app WhatsApp Business in your mobile phone.

7.- Once installed, you must open the app.

8.- Click on Accept and Continue.

9.- The next step is the verification process, indicate the phone number that you just acquired from Afilnet.

10.- Now WhatsApp will send you an SMS to the number you just acquired. To see the SMS in your Afilnet account, you must go to the option “Received”, and once received the message, you will find an entry as follows. (Refresh the page to reload the received messages)

11.- Now input the code received in your app WhatsApp Business.

12.- …And that’s all!

P.S.: It is possible that you may have to try it several times in order to receive the WhatsApp code since the SMS verification used by WhatsApp doesn’t always work. In order to see if you receive the code, you need to reload the page of “Received” in your Afilnet account.

Thank you very much!