The SMS is still more alive than ever

The SMS is still more alive than ever, even though when we talk about SMS we imagine a time long gone, it is a service in full expansion. With the popularization of instant messaging apps, SMS fell into disuse at the interpersonal level. However, the use of SMS text messages has grown thanks to communication between companies and consumers through the automated sending of promotions and notifications of all kinds.

According to information gathered by Europa Press at the Mobile World Congress, it is clear that in 2018, 1.67 trillion messages were sent around the world and the forecast for 2022 is almost double that figure, reaching 2.80 trillion.

In the clash of this trend and the general perception, one aspect must be taken into account. While in the past decade SMS use was very common among individuals, it has now been reduced to businesses. A spectacular increase is taking place in this field thanks to something fundamental: its high reading efficiency. In other words, when a company sends a message to a person it is much more likely that they will read it if they do so by SMS than if they do so by other means, such as email. In this respect, it is estimated that 98% of users read an SMS if it reaches them on a device. This rate is below 20% in email. In addition, there is another important parameter: the response rate. While an SMS is replied to within a few seconds, the emails take hours. For this reason, a marketing channel has been opened in the business world that brings together three fundamental elements: knowing that the customer receives the message, that he reacts quickly and that he is not yet over-exploiting it in advertising.

The consulting firm Mobilesquared points out that in 2017 the SMS market moved a total of 11.86 billion dollars. By 2022, growth forecasts are at 26.61 billion dollars.

After 9 consecutive years of falling traffic and SMS revenue, the trend has been reversed. For the first time, traffic between different operators (known as offnet) has grown according to data from the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC). The rebound took place in the last quarter of 2017.

The upturn is due to automated deliveries made by companies to their customers (A2P). We are talking about uses such as those made by banks to notify payments and bank movements, companies that provide passwords to securely access certain digital services or companies that send citations and information on promotions through this system.

In fact, the data prove that the low use of SMS raises the attention for this type of sending by the brands against certain instant messaging sending.

What are the trends for SMS Marketing campaigns in this 2020?

When we say that the SMS is still more alive than ever, we mean that in recent years many brands, companies and organizations have relied on the SMS as a preferred means of promoting their products, services, news and offers, as well as an ideal means of sending notifications and alerts.

Today, this tool has become a fundamental part of mobile marketing and is considered an outstanding tool due to its power, low cost, speed and efficiency.

Currently SMS campaigns are on the rise in every company that wants to communicate with its customers quickly and efficiently. Taking into account the reports and statistics of SMS, their openness rate compared to the traditionally used marketing channels, are significantly higher (around 95% compared to 24% of emails).

For all these benefits that the SMS brings to companies, let’s see the characteristics and trends of this for this 2019:

Approved consent from the consumer. Privacy, has been gaining importance, due to the inconvenience of receiving messages from companies that try to sell their products or services every day, so the law, protects users from text messages sent by companies without their consent.

For this reason, we should only send text messages to those users who have previously given us their consent as stated in the new Data Protection Act.

Personalization of the content. Every client will feel comfortable knowing that it is important for the company. SMS Marketing offers the opportunity to establish a far-reaching link with potential customers. From the marketing and communication department, the focus should be on the latest trends to reach the right audience, thus strengthening customer relationships and connecting with them for special occasions and upcoming events.

The correct use of data is the key to the success of any SMS marketing campaign.

Links in text messages. Today, a novelty is being able to send links in text messages that redirect users to a specific web page or application. This way it is possible to read articles about a specific product, increase web traffic with links to landing pages in the SMS content.

Off screen” experiences. Users are increasingly demanding experiences that take place off screen. Offering this experience to users does not necessarily have to be expensive or technically challenging. Bulk SMS services can facilitate an effective approach, enabling unique and personal communications to your target audience.

Integration with other channels. Integrating SMS communications with other marketing channels improves your customer engagement. Many digital platforms are creating new scenarios to make B2B commercial relations profitable.

SMS alerts are the first option for customers to offer them offline experiences.

The vast majority do not want to depend on social media to follow their favorite brands, and believe in the personal touch of these communications.

As we can see in this article, there is no doubt that the SMS is still more alive than ever and is still a fairly effective communication tool for communication.

A platform like Afilnet allows you to integrate your SMS Marketing strategy with alternative and complementary channels to your communications. If you want us to help you optimize communication with your customers, do not hesitate to visit or write.