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Certified emails

Send your certified email notifications via email

Certified Email is the simplest and most economical way to give legal validity, like a bureaufax or certified letter, to your communications. Send communications with the simplicity of a email as irrefutable evidence

The Certified Email offers information with legal validity of the content at the time of shipment, where it is sent from and where it is received.

You can use certified email sending for all the communications you need to certify, including:

  • Claim of installments or overdrafts
  • Payment deadline alerts
  • Debt refinancing
  • Credit granting
  • Legal authorizations to third parties
  • Product contracting (Loans, deposits, insurance, etc.)
  • Registration or cancellation of contracts

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Certified email as irrefutable proof

Certified email as irrefutable proof

Certified email is the best way to send certified information to any recipient.

Your emails will be legally valid, as proof of the content, date of shipment, origin and destination of the same.

You only need your email

To send certified emails you only need your own email account, you just have to send emails to the address you want to notify, putting in copy our certification address.

You only need your email


Reports of each Certified Email

Download the document that certifies each certified shipment made by email, where you will find all the details.

Learn how to send Certified Email, Download our guide!

The best platform to send Certified Email

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Frequently asked questions about Certified Email

Here you will find information about Certified Email, if you have any additional doubt about this, contact us

Once you have sent the Certified Email, our certification server will validate and notify its delivery. Once the shipment has been made, you will find your certificate in the sent section.

For each Certified Email you send, you can download a PDF document that testifies to the origin and destination, as well as the date and content of the same.

To send certified emails, all you need is the email manager you already use today, register this email address in your Afilnet account and have a balance. Simply send an email copying our certification account (email@afilnet.electronico.com) and the email will be certified

The difference between an Email and Certified Email is that there is a mail server that certifies the date and time of delivery, the sender, the destination and the content of the email, generating a certificate that can be used to demonstrate the veracity of the communication.

A certified email is legally comparable to a burofax or certified letter, the difference is in the way the user receives it, in this case through their email account. Certified email has great advantages since you can send certificates using your conventional email account and at a lower cost than burofax or certified letter.

When you send a certified email, our certification email account certifies the origin and destination of the email, the date it was sent, the content and any attachments.

Yes, when you send a certified email you can attach the files you want, each certificate can certify up to 5 MB, so if you attach files larger than 5 MB, more certificates will be generated.

The certified email is valid in all those countries that include electronic documents and electronic signature. Within which are: all the countries of the European Union, United States, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, South Africa, India, Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Arab Emirates United. If your country is not on the list, check current legislation.

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Certified Email Guide

What is Certified Email?

The Certified Email is a communication made through an email, where, through the service of a third party, this certifies that said communication has been made and for this, this third party provides a signed document that certifies it.

This document becomes a legal proof that reflects the moment in which it is sent, origin and destination email, content sent and attachments.

What are the advantages of Certified Email compared to traditional methods?

Using Certified Email has many advantages over traditional means such as Burofax or Certified Letter. Here we list some of them:

Fast and efficient certification . It is faster than any other conventional means, communication occurs immediately, as well as the generation of the certificate that you can use as evidence.

Economic, Sending a certified email is cheaper than a Burofax or Certified Letter.

Automated, Certified email is easily automatable through its own mail manager.

Connected to your daily life , sending a certified email is as simple as sending an email, it does not require additional knowledge.

What uses does Certified Email have?

The certified email service has many possibilities:

Contract notifications . Send notifications related to employee contracts (High, Low, Layoffs, ERTEs).

Debt claims. Claim debtors in a certified way.

Direct debit acceptance (SEPA) . Authorize the direct debit of receipts through certified mail.

Protection of intellectual property rights . Report breaches of your intellectual property rights through certified mail.

Withdrawal of contracts . Send certified notifications regarding cancellation of contracts (business, rental, purchases, etc.)

Delivery or collection notification . Send certified mail to notify the delivery or collection of packages, letters or packages.

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