Virtual phone numbers

Buy your virtual mobile number, landline number or 900 (toll-free) and receive calls from any country

Virtual phone numbers

Virtual phone numbers

Get a landline, mobile or 900 (toll-free) number, and you can receive calls from any country, record calls, make flows and much more.

A virtual number or DID is an online number associated to your account, regardless of your geographical location.



We are currently extending the scope of this service. If you can't find the number you need, you will surely very soon

Main doubts about Virtual Numbers

Here you will find the main questions related to virtual numbers, if you have any other questions, please contact us

You can select the country where you need a virtual number, we will show you a list with the available numbers and the possibility of each number, then you just have to hire the number you want.

A virtual number allows you to perform simple actions such as receiving SMS or calls, redirecting calls to another number or automate flows to perform actions or guide their customers.

Virtual numbers have a number registration fee and a monthly fee. In Afilnet you will find the most competent rates for your virtual number.

No, you can unsubscribe at any time, so you can use the virtual number for as long as you need, and unsubscribe at any time.

All our numbers are numbers to be used exclusively for voice reception, these numbers cannot receive SMS

Puede comprar números en los países donde cumpla los requisitos establecidos por la numeración a adquirir, en algunos casos se exige sólo una prueba de identidad, pero en otro se requiere que la persona o empresa tenga residencia en el país indicado

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Characteristics of the virtual number service

Receive calls from any country
Receive calls from any country
Receive calls from the country of origin of the number, and redirect these calls to any country in the world
Redirect incoming calls
Redirect incoming calls
Redirect incoming calls in your virtual number to any other number in the world.
Actions when receiving
Actions when receiving
Forward the SMS received by your virtual number or make requests to third party services through HTTP.
Global coverage
Global coverage
We have virtual numbers in many countries of the world.
Call flow
Call flow
Automate and program action-based telephone actions in your virtual number.
Caller ID
Caller ID
Get details on who calls your virtual number, call duration, start and end time.

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Virtual numbers guide


A virtual number is a phone number that is not physically assigned to a phone line but to a virtual account. These numbers can be of different types: mobile, national fixed premises or tollfree lines.

A virtual number allows you to acquire a number from a country or city without the need to be in that country. And receive SMS and / or calls to said number to later redirect them to another number or process them.


To acquire a virtual number, you need to provide some information that proves that you meet what is necessary to be able to use the number. These regulations vary from country to country, but usually fall into two types.

Requirements for companies: commercial registration of the company, as well as a registration of the local address of the company in the country of origin of the number you wish to acquire.

Requirements for individuals: DNI, passport or residence permit of the person in the country where they want to request the number.


Numbers to send and receive SMS : allow both sending and receiving SMS, the owner of the number being responsible for the cost of sending and receiving the SMS.

Numbers to receive calls : These numbers allow the reception of phone calls. These numbers allow different actions that you can configure as needed, such as:

Call forwarding . Allows you to redirect the call from the virtual number purchased to the phone number you want.

IVR . It is a service that allows you to interact with the incoming call so that you can create a flow of calls for the reception. It works as a virtual switchboard allowing the client to be guided through a process of call flow.

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