Shipping Manager

Manage all your shipments simply, quickly and efficiently

Shipping Manager

From Afilnet you will be able to send your campaigns through any channel in a matter of minutes and later track the result.

Fast shipping

This option will allow you to ship to a recipient quickly through any of the supported channels. You can include the recipient manually or attach it from your contact list.

In which channels is express delivery available?

Afilnet allows you to quickly send to the following channels:

Fast shipping

Campaigns to contact groups

Campaigns to contact groups

Afilnet allows you to create group of contacts and send in bulk to a group or several groups of contacts at the same time.

Sending is as simple as selecting the contact groups , defining the message to send and waiting for the sending to complete.

On what channels is group delivery available?

Afilnet allows you to send to groups on the following channels:

Campaigns to contact groups

Customization of shipments

Personalize SMS sending to groups including personalized values for each recipient (Name, Address, Order Information, Account Status, etc.).

When you send personalized SMS to groups , the data is personalized with the values of each recipient.

Fast shipping
Customization of shipments

Shipment management through API

Shipment management through API

You can also perform advanced shipping management thanks to our API.

The API allows you to make submissions using any channel and to track these submissions from any programming language .


Tracking shipments

Shipment tracking will allow you to know details of all the shipments you make on Afilnet, whether they are shipments to a single recipient or to a group of recipients.

In the list of shipments you will find information on the campaigns carried out and by clicking on details you will be able to find individualized information by recipient .

What information does it give me?

In the list you can see campaign information and individual shipments , specifically the following information is provided:

  • Campaign title or sender
  • Content of the message sent or published
  • Graph with the result of the campaign
  • Recipients
  • Consumed balance
  • Shipping date
Tracking shipments

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