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Our QR code generator allows you to generate a QR code from a URL you want to share.

Generate QR codes

Generate QR code

Thanks to this QR code generator, you can generate and share QR codes. This generator allows you to share links, as well as, direct access to phone features or APPs

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QR codes


Using the Afilnet QR codes generator, you can generate QR codes unlimited, follow our suggestions to get the maximum benefit of this service

  • Place the QR code on your website or print in a size large enough so that it can be easily scanned
  • Include the QR code on your website by adding information about the product, APP or URL you want to promote, you can include graphics, texts, but never forget the objective that is the let its users know
  • Encourage the scanning of the QR code by offering some kind of reward or benefit to the user
  • Do not manipulate the QR code provided, the QR codes offered by Afilnet are intended for optimal performance

QR codes
Advantages of QR codes

Advantages of QR codes

Using QR codes has many advantages, among which we highlight:

  • The QR codes attract attention and create user curiosity
  • The QR codes provide information directly and immediately to the user, this information can be text or a URL
  • The QR codes are a completely free tool that you can use for personal or professional use
  • The QR codes allow you to track the information of users who access the QR code

Numbers related to QR codes

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Frequently asked questions about QR code generation

Here you will find frequently asked questions about QR code generation, if you have any questions about QR you can contact us

It is a visual code based on an array of points that forms a two-dimensional code and that saves information in binary form.

This code can be read by a QR code reader from a mobile device.

The QR code can save information of all kinds and will allow you to share content (text, phone numbers, contact cards), urls or perform more complex actions.

Just include the URL you want to convert into a QR code in the indicated field and click on Generate QR code, the corresponding HTML code will be generated, code that you only have to copy and paste on your website.
Yes, Afilnet allows you to generate unlimited and free QR codes.
No, each code unequivocally shares a specific content, the code does not may be modified at any time.
QR codes can be read using any mobile device or tablet. To read a QR code there are different applications specialized in reading QR codes and in most devices it is already installed with the default software.
Yes, you can share QR codes as if it were an image, it can be shared through messaging, printed or included in digital formats.

Generate free QR codes with Afilnet!

Generate QR codes in an advanced and free way thanks to Afilnet, make advanced QR communications with our QR code generator

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QR codes guide


A QR code is a two-dimensional square barcode that has the ability to store encoded data. This data may either direct you to a link to a website or show you certain specific information.


By scanning a QR code using the smartphone, you get immediate access to the content. The QR code reader can then open the web browser for a specific URL or perform other actions such as storing a business card in the contact list of your smartphone.


Store information . Allows you to store large amounts of information in less space

Quick access to information . The QR code allows you to access information quickly

Easy to share . You can share QR codes online, through social networks, chat or in print

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