SMS alerts

Send important notifications via SMS alerts

At Afilnet we are specialized in sending alerts through SMS to companies, institutions and organizations. We notify your customers through secure channels about any important alerts immediately.

Immediate alert notifications

Immediate alert notifications

Thanks to our direct connections with operators, your alerts will be received on the mobile phones of your clients immediately.

Connectivity around the world

Send alerts to any country and destination in the world, we have SMS coverage with all operators in the world.

Send alerts worldwide

Simple contact management

Simple contact management

Afilnet allows you to import your contacts quickly and easily, either by importing a file or by simply copying and pasting. Create groups of contacts and send alerts by SMS in a few minutes.


Send SMS alerts through API. Connect SMS sending with your software and send automated SMS alerts.

Connect your company thanks to our APIs

SMS is not just about text

We are here to help you

At Afilnet we help you to send your SMS alerts in the most efficient way for your company. So you feel safe when sending by SMS.

Send Alerts through our platform

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API - The best control panel!

Frequently asked questions about the Afilnet Alerts service

Here you can find questions from our customers about the Alerts service through SMS. If you have any other questions about this service, contact us.

No, you can send as many SMS alerts as you like, we have a flow of more than 500 SMS per second, so you can reach thousands of users in a few minutes.
The price of sending an SMS alert is the same as the price of sending an SMS. The price will depend on the destination country of your notifications, you can consult our rates page for more information
If at the time of sending alerts, any number is out of coverage or turned off, the SMS will be delivered once the number is accessible again.
Yes, Afilnet allows you to include any type of customizable content, Afilnet allows you to import the data of your users, personalized information of each user and include this data in the message so that each destination receives a personalized SMS.

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SMS Alerts Guide


SMS alerts are notifications sent through SMS that serve to inform your customers or the database of various urgent notices that are of vital importance.

This service brings great benefits to the community, since it is essential in different critical situations, emergencies or crises.

There are many public and private organizations that send alerts via SMS for the protection and notice of their community, users or clients.


The usefulness of the alert service is quite wide, the main uses are:

Security alerts. Alerts related to security alarm services.

Health emergencies. SMS notifications of health alerts related to medical emergencies.

Natural phenomena. They are urgent SMS alerts about natural alerts (Earthquakes, Tidal waves and other natural disasters).

Weather warnings. They are SMS alerts sent when an extreme meteorological phenomenon occurs (rain, tornadoes, extreme temperatures, etc.)


Fast and efficient. SMS alerts allow you to immediately send alerts to the database.

Connectivity. We have a connection with all the countries and operators in the world.

Opening rate. SMS continues to be the digital channel with the highest open rate (around 96%)

Automated. SMS alerts can be automated quickly and easily, allowing automatic sending when an event or alert occurs.

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