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Online SMS Platform

The SMS Platform of Afilnet allows you to carry out SMS campaigns with the best guarantees.

Reach your customers by sending SMS. Our SMS platform allows you to send quickly to a recipient, send Massive SMS and make an exhaustive follow-up of all your shipments.

Sending efficient campaigns

Sending efficient campaigns

Send SMS to a recipient or Mass

Afilnet's platform allows you to effectively manage your SMS / Mass SMS campaigns.

We offer you different solutions to send SMS immediately or to contact lists.

Advanced contact management

Manage your contacts in minutes

Afilnet's SMSplatform allows you to create unlimited groups of contacts.

Add or remove contacts from lists, create new lists or import your contacts from Excel, CSV, Text or just copy and paste.

Advanced contact management

Advanced contact management

Calendar of campaigns for groups

Automate stock-based shipments

Our platform allows you to associate actions to contact groups, this allows you to automate the sending of SMS each time a contact is registered, creating a schedule of shipments based on number of days.

For example:
When registering: Send welcome SMS
After 2 days: Send SMS reminder
After 5 days: Send SMS requesting feedback

Connect SMS with hundreds of services

Send files, documents, surveys and coupons

The Afilnet platform has a connection to the cloud, which allows you to create services and attach them to your SMS.

You can send documents, contracts, videos, files, links, surveys, coupons and much more via SMS quickly and easily.

Advanced contact management

Send thousands of SMS per sencond with direct connection to the network operators

Full reports

Know in detail the status of your shipments

We detail when your SMS have been delivered with a detailed report by recipient.

Consult our platform for the delivery status, as well as the date of sending and delivery.

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