SMS Marketing

Conduct Bulk SMS campaigns in your Marketing campaigns and effectively retain your customers.


  • Boost your profits
  • Create brand awareness
  • Set apart from your competitors
  • Save time
  • Improve your customers loyalty

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS campaigns is the most popular solution to carry out SMS Marketing campaigns.

Afilnet allows you to connect your Marketing by SMS campaigns with cloud services that allows you to make marketing campaigns more impactful and efficient.

Bulk SMS Prices

Soluciones de SMS Marketing

SMS discount coupons

Boost your sales by sending discount coupons to your customers through SMS. Discount coupons are a very effective marketing tool to boost sales and customer loyalty.

Afilnet allows you to create and promote discount coupon marketing campaigns by SMS directly from a single platform.

SMS Coupon

SMS Audiovisual Campaigns

Afilnet allows you to attach audio and video files in your SMS through attachments in our cloud network.

Video and audio are very popular formats in marketing campaigns, we have incorporated it into SMS so you can carry out more impactful SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS Audio SMS Video

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