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Stand Marketing

Stand Marketing is the perfect tool for the small or big business, create your client database and auomate your marketing campaigns.

Never lose a client, Stand Marketing is the perfect loyalty tool that you business need.

Why do I have to use Stand Marketing?

Efficient marketing from day one

  1. Create a client database optimally
  2. Automatice your marketing campaigns
  3. Help to optimize the relationship with your customers
  4. The perfect tool to improve the loyalty with your customers


100% legal client database
Your customers will register and you will cand send them promotions
Customize the colors and texts of your Stand to fit your corporate image
Config the system to easily automate your promotions
Multiple hardware options
Use the device and stand that suits your needs, we offer you multiple possibilities
Advanced editor
Edit / customise your emails in a fast and efficient way
Predesigned templates
We offer you a broad range of templates, so that designing your emails is even easier.
Control panel
Afilnet offers the most advanced control panel in the world
Multiple-account manager
Create sub-accounts for different departments, subsidiaries or franchises
SMS Delivery Tracking
Get an up-to-the-minute information about the delivery status of your SMS
The best prices with or without ID sender
We work to offer you the best prices to any destination worldwide
No expiry date
Your SMS balance will not expire, top up your balance and spend it whenever you need it
Secure payments
We offer secure payment options, so that you can your top up without worries
Copy and paste
Create groups of contacts by just copying and pasting the numbers of the recipients
Advanced Search
Make a search on any field related to your contacts
Advanced editing
Modify, copy / paste, replicate groups ... everything you need to manage your contacts list
Without limits
Create groups without any limitations at all
Import your contacts
Import your contacts easily from XML, TXT or XLS files
Export your contacts
Export your contacts easily to XML, TXT or XLS files
Programmed email deliveries
Programme your deliveries to occur by a specific date / time or programme your deliveries individually
Email customised per recipient
Send customised messages with different fields, in bulk and individually
Group Events
Programme events for previously added contacts to a group
Check all your past, present and future deliveries in the delivery calendar

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