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A promotional SMS is a bulk text message sent for advertising purposes. This type of message is part of lead generation and customer loyalty strategies. If a brand wants to get a good engagement with its audience, it will need to use the most efficient communication channels and tools. Bulk SMS is undoubtedly one of them.

SMS marketing campaigns are used to increase the customer database in a legal way by means of lead generation methods. On the other hand, they also serve to build customer loyalty through techniques that reward their trust in the brand.

Reasons for continued reliance on bulk SMS

Bulk SMS campaigns have a great impact on the audience, due to the unbeatable characteristics of this classic channel. Here are some good reasons to keep relying on bulk SMS.

  • Subscribers are more willing to open a text message than an email or download an app to receive push messages. Professional SMS is better received by subscribers as it does not require app downloads. In general, we are reluctant to download too many apps. It is estimated that over 97% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of arrival.
  • SMS is more versatile and reliable than other channels. Text messaging has become a versatile tool for organisations and brands. Although in this article we are talking about promotional SMS, there are other transactional uses that make it reliable: SMS security, SMS notifications, SMS alerts, etc.
  • It is a fully customisable, cost-effective and automatable channel. Marketing automation platforms use bulk SMS messages as part of the common channels. You can personalise and schedule by date and time. In addition, they will help us to segment the audience and know better how to target marketing actions.

Promotional SMS vs. Transactional SMS

Not all SMS have the same use or role. Promotional SMS are used to advertise or promote a brand's products and services. They are part of SMS marketing campaigns and their objective is to generate interest through product promotions, discount vouchers, etc. You can use them for both lead generation and customer loyalty campaigns.

When we talk about transactional SMS, we refer to messages with non-advertising content, i.e. transactional information. This type of information generates value for the audience and is sent after a previous action performed by the user.

Tips for sending promotional SMS

Sending promotional SMS from an A2P platform is really easy. To do this, you need to register your company and create an account from which you can manage your bulk SMS campaigns. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want your campaign to be really effective.

  • Cheap is expensive. Always choose high-quality direct routes for sending bulk SMS. If you opt for lower quality routes, the delivery rate will drop considerably and a large part of the SMS will never reach the recipients. Direct routes are always slightly more expensive, but definitely worth the investment.
  • Be aware of country restrictions before sending text messages. In certain countries there are time slots where it is prohibited to send promotional SMS. Similarly, there are regulations regarding prohibited content: religious, political, adult or gambling.
  • Make sure your database is up to date. If you are going to send text messages and want to be successful, make sure your subscriber database is up to date. Remove numbers that are inactive. We always advise that the database must be fully legal, otherwise your messages may be SPAM. In that case mobile operators will block all your content and you risk having your account cancelled.
  • Personalise text messages. To be more professional and get good engagement, always address the recipient by name. You can also segment your customers according to their needs and the content you want to send.
  • Opt-in / Opt-out. These two terms express the user's consent to receive messages and to unsubscribe. In some countries it is necessary to collect this type of consent. Opt-in indicates that you can send messages to users when there is prior consent from them. Opt-out allows send information without prior consent, but the option to unsubscribe in the same message.

Examples for sending promotional SMS

As we have mentioned before, SMS for promotions uses for both customer acquisition and customer loyalty campaigns. Some of the most common examples we can find in promotional SMS campaigns are:

  • Product and service promotions. This involves sending SMS about a product or service that we want to advertise. It consists of the written promotion of the message accompanied by a product catalogue or a URL to the website.
  • Discount vouchers. It is a promotional code with a discount or offer for a limited time. In the same way, files and urls can be attached.
  • Landing Pages. This involves sending a URL to a Landing Page to collect leads. The objective is to obtain data and obtain a legal database of subscribers.

At Afilnet we have been working in the bulk SMS market for over 15 years. If you are thinking of carrying out an SMS campaign for promotions, we can help you achieve optimal results. We have an omnichannel platform that in addition to integrating SMS, has other complementary channels that will enhance the way you communicate with your audience. Send bulk SMS, Email, text-to-speech and Instant Messaging from a single platform.

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