Certified SMS

Send SMS in a certified way thanks to the certification service and download your certificate with legal validity and acknowledgment of receipt.

  • Pay per shipment, Pay only for what you send, without fees.
  • Valid certificate, We generate a legal certificate for each SMS sent.
  • API, Automate the sending of Certified SMS with our API.
  • Bulk Sending, Send Certified SMS to multiple recipients at the same time.
Certified SMS

Legal certification by SMS for Companies

SMS is the best digital alternative to Burofax for mobile notifications

Certified SMS

Send Certified SMS Online

The Certified SMS is the most efficient way to give legal validity to your communications, as it allows immediate communications to be sent to the recipient's mobile number.

The Certified SMS has the same validity as a burofax or a certified letter, but it also has the advantage that its delivery and certification is immediate.

Examples of use of the Certified SMS

This service can be used by any company, whether it is a law firm or any other field for the certification of their communications, the most typical examples are:

  • Claim of installments or overdrafts
  • Payment deadline alerts
  • Debt refinancing
  • Credit granting
  • Legal authorizations to third parties
  • Product contracting (Loans, deposits, insurance, etc.)
  • Registration or cancellation of contracts

Reliably certified information

When you send a Certified SMS we generate a certificate that includes all the details of the SMS sent.

This certificate contains the following certified information:

  • Recipient's mobile number
  • Date & Time of sending the Certified SMS
  • Date & Time of delivery of the Certified SMS
  • Content of the Certified SMS
Full Certification
From your Afilnet account

Easy-to-use online platform

Sending a Certified SMS is very simple and you do not need to install anything on your computer. From your Afilnet account, you will only have to indicate the recipient of the SMS and the content to send.

Afilnet also allows you to send Bulk Certified SMS, which will allow you to send SMS to multiple recipients at the same time.

You also have the possibility to use our API and integrate the sending of Certified SMS in your software.

Price of the Certified SMS

Send Certified SMS to national and international destinations


Number of Certified SMS to hire

Enter the budget to be invested (€)

A certified SMS allows you to send SMS of up to 612 characters, if the SMS occupies more than 612 characters, an additional certified SMS will be charged for each 612 characters


0.50 €


Number of certificates

Total price (Taxes not included)

Find out why our platform is the #1

Características del servicio SMS Certificado

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Frequently asked questions about Certified SMS

In this section you will find the most frequent questions about Certified SMS, if you do not find your question here, please contact us

In Afilnet you can find the delivery status of your certified SMS updated every minute.

Once you have sent the Certified SMS you will be able to find a PDF document with the related details with the certified SMS sent.

Yes, you can send certified SMS to any destination in the world.

You can send certified SMS from our website or perform an integration of our API with your software.

The difference is that in the SMS Certificate the operator certifies the date and time of delivery, the sender, the destination and the content of the SMS generating a certificate that can be used to demonstrate the communication.

A certified SMS is legally comparable to a burofax or certified letter, the difference is in the way it is delivered, in this case through an SMS. Being in digital format delivery is made immediately and at a lower cost than burofax or certified letter.

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