SMS API, what is it and how can it help me?

Technology advances more every day. It came into our lives to change many aspects of our daily lives, including the way we communicate. That is why, although there are those who believe that SMS are a dissemination channel that is about to disappear, on the contrary, it is a medium that has adapted to the new era.

In fact, today more than ever there is talk of SMS API, that is, a channel that allows you to start a two-way conversation with a client quickly, easily, directly and, above all, cheaply. With a couple of clicks, brands and organizations can massively send personalized SMS to recipients without having to make a large investment.

All this is possible thanks to the integration of the API with text messages, a protocol offered by Afilnet, whose team of experts makes an effective means of communication available to its clients.

If you don't know what an API is and how it can be interconnected with text messages, you don't have to worry. This article is for you! Here, you will discover everything you need to know about the SMS API, how it works and what its advantages are.

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is an Application Programming Interface . What does it mean? It means that it is a resource that is used to integrate systems in a secure way, facilitating the exchange of data while monetizing its access.

Therefore, the API can be defined as a set of patterns and programming routes that grant access to software from the web. Currently these APIs are developed by software companies for other programmers to create services and products that are related to the application. That is why it is not surprising that many companies offer users the codes and manuals of the applications, so that they can find ways to integrate with other sites and applications.

As you will see, then, the API allows you to interconnect two or more applications without requiring user intervention thanks to the use of codes and protocols that help define specific behaviors, perform actions or use tools. It should be noted that, to further facilitate integration, the API is not visible in the user program interface so that it cannot be seen when an application or web is being used.

In recent years, the use of APIs has spread rapidly, which is why they have also come to be integrated with plugins, that is, the add-ons and software functionalities with the aim of exploiting as much as possible the real capabilities of the software. plugin.

What is an SMS API?

Now, how is the API related to sending bulk SMS? An API, understood as a protocol that interconnects more than one application, can also be used with SMS messaging apps present on other platforms.

In this way, the SMS API allows you to quickly and easily send or receive text messages from any website or application , 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Customers of a store or a company will be able to receive notifications and information in any circumstance, even outside of traditional business hours.

But, for you to understand even better what a text message API is, it is very important that we tell you how it works. The API connects to telecommunications operators through the Internet service, so there is no need to resort to the use of intermediary software.

Once the integration is done, the API protocol will allow you to send text messages automatically, reducing the cost of investment and saving time.

It should be noted that today there are multiple communication platforms that offer the API service for mass sending of text messages, such as Afilnet, which seeks to help users initiate effective communication with customers.

What types of businesses use an SMS API?

The use of the SMS API can be extended to any commercial activity for the sale of products and services, including public organizations that can use it to send text messages to customers or beneficiaries of a given service.

These are the companies or organizations that today are using the SMS API every day:

  • schools
  • Insurers
  • retail stores
  • Medical consultants
  • Banks
  • airlines
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations.

Advantages of using an API to send SMS

Using an API to send SMS brings many benefits that will surely catch your attention, as we will see below.


The integration offered by the API in the mass sending of SMS makes the interconnection very secure. In this sense, its operation necessarily implies the generation of a Gateway or gateway, which grants access to a specific package of information that is defined by the developer.

If we put it another way, the Gateway is the mechanism that is responsible for auditing and protecting the security of the API and therefore also of the mass SMS sending service.

Likewise, we must point out that the SMS API allows the use of two-factor authentication to increase the security of an account, as is the case with bank accounts, in addition to offering the possibility of sending one-time passwords (OTP ).

audit access

The companies that develop the API to send SMS, such as Afilnet , can consult at any time who accessed the API, since the API gateway creates a detailed record of the data flow that is exchanged in it.

It is an important advantage that guarantees a higher level of security because the manipulation of sensitive or confidential data is avoided.


One of the great advantages of having the SMS API service is the possibility of sending text messages to a large number of people automatically. In this way, the API becomes a communication channel that is efficient, professional, economical and, above all, safe, improving the experience lived by the client.

Flexibility in marketing campaigns

Nowadays, a successful marketing campaign requires the implementation of bulk SMS sending. In a framework where it is necessary to segment the database based on their interests, set promotion times and personalize SMS, using an SMS API is the perfect solution for all these needs.

In fact, by choosing Afilnet, a leader in the telecommunications and marketing sector, you will be able to access the SMS API service and schedule in advance the date and time for sending mass text messages to a selected group from your database, using including a preset template.

language support

Being more technical, we need to tell you that the SMS API is a set of definitions and protocols that are compatible with any environment or programming language (PHP, Java, Android, etc.). All you have to do is choose which is the perfect version for your case.

delivery status

Are the notifications and SMS that you must send urgent or do they have legal value? Don't worry. Implementing the sending of SMS allows obtaining a certificate where the date and time of sending the message, its content and the day and time of receiving the message are highlighted.

In case you need reliable proof of delivery of the SMS, the certificate provided has legal value and can be presented before a judge.


As you may have noticed, the SMS API is a really effective and direct means of communication that can help you quickly notify your customers of information. In this way, sending mass text messages, without having to make a large investment, has never been so easy.

Indeed, after having accessed this powerful tool offered by specialized communication and marketing companies such as Afilnet, its operation is very simple and the advantages obtained are incomparable.

So what are you waiting for?. Get started with an SMS API today.

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