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If you want to implement a marketing strategy to communicate quickly, personalized and directly with your customer database, the best option is surely sending mass text messages.

This communication channel, which many believe to be obsolete, actually offers many advantages that other media cannot. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more companies decide to bet on the SMS Marketing strategy.

But, you never leave wondering, how do you send and receive thousands of text messages in the most efficient way possible? We have the answer: the SMS API , an Application Programming Interface that makes the delivery of text messages even easier and faster.

That is why, if you want to discover everything you need to know about the SMS API, we invite you to read this article where we will tell you how this means of communication works and what its main characteristics are.

How does an SMS API work?

As we mentioned before, an SMS API is an application programming interface , which makes the functions of a program on one electronic device available to the program on another computer.

So, the SMS API allows a company to connect the SMS messaging service with the platforms used to be able to send and receive text messages in a few seconds, even through a website or application.

Its operation is not complex. The API, like the one offered by Afilnet, is integrated with the company's software through an SMS Gateway, which will be loaded after sending the text messages generated with the client's platform and connecting the telephone operators with the internet. .

In this way, with the SMS API, your brand will be able to send and receive text messages all day and throughout the week, even outside business hours, to guarantee the customer full coverage at any time.

Main features of the SMS API

Using the SMS API service, such as the one provided by Afilnet, offers the opportunity to use advanced features that make the SMS Marketing strategy even more efficient.

Now let's see what tools the SMS API incorporates to streamline communication between companies and the customer database.

Delivery confirmation

With the SMS API platform, you will be able to monitor in real time that the messages are delivered to the recipients. This is extremely useful information for a company because it allows for a clean customer database.

Indeed, once it has been verified that this message was not delivered, it is possible to eliminate this invalid number from the database and avoid sending an SMS that will never be received by the recipient.

custom sender

In order for your text message to generate confidence in the reader, it is extremely necessary to send it with a personalized sender that uniquely identifies your brand.

You will be able to do this with the SMS API, since the platform offers the possibility of creating a personalized sender, using letters and numbers.


Do you want to know if your mass text message campaign is really effective and if you are achieving the pre-established objectives? If your answer is yes, then the SMS API is the tool you need.

Because? The platform allows you to create a complete statistics report on SMS delivery, including the number of messages sent, how many were delivered and which numbers are no longer valid.

It is thus, then, that in these reports you will find all those fundamental metrics to improve and make the necessary adjustments to your SMS Marketing campaign.

longer SMS

Another feature that differentiates the SMS API is the possibility of sending longer messages , adding all the information that cannot be reached with the 160 characters that can be sent with normal text messages.

This is possible thanks to the concatenation of long SMS.

Sending UNICODE messages

With the SMS API you will be able to send text messages without spelling errors , also including emojis and technical symbols of any language. Likewise, with this coding system, you will be sure that the recipient will be able to read the text message correctly regardless of the electronic device used or the alphabet used.

shipping schedule

You can organize what day and time, start a campaign to send massive text messages so that the work is more and more efficient thanks to the automation of the shipments.

Determining the best times to make the shipment is much easier, contacting your customers en masse in a few seconds, even at certain times of the year such as Black Friday, Mother's Day or Father's Day, important dates where the chances of sales increase exponentially.

custom texts

Today, in order to increase sales volume, attract the attention of potential buyers and retain existing customers, it is necessary to personalize messages before sending them. All this is possible with the SMS API.

This platform, offered by Afilnet, allows you to customize each part of the SMS, adding the name of the recipient and all the information necessary to start a closer relationship with the client.

Creating message templates

Do you want to take advantage of all the advantages offered by automation? If so, we're sure you'll like the message templates that can be sent using the SMS API. With these templates, you will be able to save messages that you will later be able to reuse in the way that is most convenient for you, saving time and money.

Likewise, with Afilnet, it is no longer necessary for you to create the templates yourself, because this leading platform in the field of marketing also offers the possibility of choosing and using ready-made templates .

Why is it important to use an SMS API?

Starting a mass text message campaign with the SMS API offers many interesting advantages to ensure high levels of efficiency. In fact, this tool not only saves costs during times when a large number of SMS are sent, but also offers the possibility of using a large number of features that allow SMS marketing campaigns to be improved, adapting the platform based on business needs.

Types of SMS that can be sent with an SMS API

shipping notifications

If you want to get your customers to trust your brand, it is essential to keep the buyer informed about the shipping status of the purchased product or service.

For this, the SMS API is very useful, which offers the possibility of sending a text message with the order status update, including the delivery estimate.

service alerts

Do you want to keep the customer informed about the status of a purchased service? The best communication channel is the SMS API, which allows users to deliver important notifications and alerts to customers. Not only can you communicate the delivery status of the order, but it is also possible to send alerts for emergencies or changes in the terms and conditions of a service.

Two Factor Authentication

Currently it is essential to offer customers high levels of security , especially due to the large number of frauds and online scams that seek to steal people's data. That is why it is increasingly common to use the two-factor authentication system, sending users one-time codes to access platforms.

These codes can be sent automatically using the Message API that automates this authentication process , saving time and maintaining high levels of security.

appointment reminders

The SMS API is the perfect means of communication to send appointment reminders to patients or clients in an automated way, including data such as the day and time of the scheduled shift.

marketing messages

In order to achieve the best results with your Marketing campaigns, increasing the volume of sales made, it is necessary to send targeted and personalized SMS to potential buyers and to promoted customers, the services and products sold by your brand.

Customer Support

As we mentioned before, with the SMS API, sending automated messages is very easy. This means of communication thus becomes a way to keep in touch with customers, responding to queries and requests quickly.

Your assistance service becomes more efficient and faster, without having to answer phone calls that slow down customer service and support.


Using the SMS API service offers an interesting series of advantages that other communication channels do not have. Not only is it possible to automate the process of sending and delivering messages , ensuring efficiency and security, but it is also possible to start a really successful SMS Marketing campaign.

With Afilnet's SMS API platform, personalizing and mass sending informative and promotional text messages is very easy. Efficiency is the key word for this leading company in the telecommunications and marketing sector, which makes available to customers advanced functionalities that adapt to any need.

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