The world of communication has constantly evolved in recent decades thanks to the innovations introduced by new technologies. In this sense, if in the past the Gateways were physical pieces of hardware that had to be connected with SIM cards and radios, today it is not necessary.

Currently, the Gateways route text messages to telecommunications networks through simple and intuitive interfaces that connect different electronic devices (computer, cell phone, among others) for the delivery of notifications.

Even so, its operation may not be so easy to understand or some questions may arise about its real effectiveness as a means of communication. To resolve these doubts, and to clarify the possible questions that may arise, we have prepared this article.

We are going to provide you with all the information you need to discover what the SMS Gateway service is, how it works and why you should consider its implementation in your company.

What is an SMS Gateway?

With the SMS Gateway it is possible to send and receive SMS from an application on any scale. In this way, it is possible to send notifications or start a mass SMS campaign saving time and money.

In a few words, the SMS Gateway is the ideal solution that allows you to integrate a Gateway (or gateway) to an application (web, app, server, among others) through a simple interface that sends and receives SMS to a contact base or to a individual contact.

What the Gateway does, in this system, is to translate the message sent from a website into a format compatible with the text message to ensure its correct delivery and reading on another device. Thus, the service facilitates intercommunication between a wide range of devices and applications , such as sending an SMS from a computer and receiving the text message on a mobile phone.

It should be noted that the main advantage of this service is the possibility of automatically starting a mass SMS campaign through an application, optimizing time and saving on campaign investment costs.

In this framework, for you to understand better, the SMS Gateway can be compared to sending SMS via API. The difference between both systems is that the SMS API focuses more on the protocols used to send the text message, while the SMS Gateway focuses on the application used to manage the delivery.

In any case, it should be noted that there are different communication protocols to integrate SMS gateways , as well as different programming languages that can be used. It all depends on the requirement of each one. Among the best known communication protocols, we find HTTPS POST, REST json, WS SOAP and Mail2SMS.

How does an SMS Gateway work?

The SMS Gateway is implemented by means of secure servers that are characterized by load balancing and by the duplication service that guarantee the high availability of the service at all times. In addition, it is important to specify that the SMS gateway allows delivery confirmation to be obtained in the available countries, that is, the SMS Gateway system prepares a report confirming the date and time of delivery of the SMS.

In any case, although it may seem otherwise, its connection operation is quite simple. The Gateway is routed to mobile networks through an interface, usually HTTP or SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) to achieve the sending of text messages to a contact base. As you may have noticed, its operation is similar to the API connection.

However, it is also necessary to highlight the characteristics of the general operation of the SMS Gateway service and not just how its connection works.

The client, from the application, creates the SMS that he wants to send and selects the numbers of the recipients . It then connects to the SMS Gateway via the offered protocols, including the message text and recipients in the “parameters” section.

At this point, the Gateway receives the client's request and redirects it to the corresponding telephone operator. The telephone operator receives all the information (the text of the SMS and the numbers of the recipients) and finally proceeds with the sending of the text message.

Why use an SMS Gateway?

The SMS Gateway is the number one ally for sending mass SMS from a company's application. In this sense, the system allows you to communicate with customers, suppliers or employees by sending a direct and personalized notification. This is how the SMS Gateway becomes the ideal service to reach your database regardless of what you want to communicate (promotion, advertising or information).

Also, we have to point out that the SMS Gateway integrates perfectly with automated notification systems , M2M (Machine To Machine) or alert systems. All this is possible thanks to the configuration of the Gateway that offers maximum compatibility with fast SMS sending technology and assured reception. Speaking of automation, it should be noted that another great benefit of the SMS Gateway is the possibility of automating calls by SMS through the automation of messages in Cloud mode.

On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight that the SMS Gateway allows you to receive text messages from a web page, application or CRM . Thus, the SMS gateway makes it easy to send SMS over the Internet, store it, and forward it to an application system simply by using a notification URL.

In addition, the SMS Gateway is characterized by a high level of performance and availability. In fact, the gateways of the service offer an availability of 99% and an output of 10 SMS per second. This is how it is possible to optimize and automate the times of sending and receiving text messages.

Finally, another great advantage of the SMS Gateway is the ability of this system to reduce cases of cyber attacks. In this sense, we must remember that text messages are an excellent tool to be used in the fight against identity and password theft. In fact, what is known in the sector as One Time Password becomes a security mechanism capable of reducing the degree of vulnerability of traditional static passwords.

Characteristics of an SMS Gateway

Now that you have discovered what an SMS Gateway is and why you should take advantage of the benefits offered by the system, it is also important to discover what its main features are. That is why we are going to show the main characteristic elements of the service below.

Quick and easy integration

In general, the SMS Gateway is a system that is fully compatible with the main programming languages such as PHP, Java, Ruby, C++, among others, thanks to the documentation that allows integration to be achieved quickly and easily.

Maximum security

The SMS Gateway service is completely secure. Servers connected to secure data centers are used that offer a high protection system through HTTP authentication. Also, the service has the use of firewalls that help filter connections according to IP ranges.

low latency

To reduce latency times, the SMS Gateway connects directly with the operators, thus ensuring the delivery and reception of the message in just 3 seconds.

High availability

In many cases, the SMS Gateway takes advantage of the advantages offered by the use of clusters that balance traffic and demand control. This is how problems in the nodes are avoided.

Programming the sending of the text message

We cannot fail to point out that the SMS Gateway is a platform that offers those who use it the possibility of programming the sending of text messages, specifying the day, hour and minute of delivery of the SMS.

delivery reports

Thanks to the direct connection of the SMS Gateway with the operators, it is possible to generate a delivery report of the text message. In this way, you will be sure that the SMS was received successfully.


To end today's article, we want to emphasize the importance and usefulness of implementing the SMS Gateway in your business communication strategy .

In this sense, it is a service whose operation is simple and intuitive, so it is possible to send notifications of any kind quickly, easily and cheaply. All you need is an internet connection to connect the Gateway with the company's application.

Likewise, its wide availability and low latency, as well as the possibility of programming the service, makes sending text messages faster and more secure compared to other channels.

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