CRM SMS integration

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is business software that manages customer relationships. This type of computer system is part of the business management systems (BMS) like ERP, PLM, SCM and SRM. A CRM software has several functionalities that help to manage the customer base throughout the sales and after-sales process. To do this, it stores relevant information about contacts, groups and analyses data. At the same time allows for the systematisation of fluid communication with them. One of the most effective digital channels for contacting a customer is SMS. Text messages are an optimal channel for B2C and B2B communication. Many CRM softwares do not have this channel, so in this article we will talk about CRM SMS integration.

How a CRM works

A CRM collects all customer and lead information: phone number, email, company, position, and other relevant data. All this commercial information helps to centralise the interactions between a company and its customers in a database. In this way, it allows to understand the specific needs of each contact and to direct the appropriate actions to attract or retain customers.

A company that uses a CRM creates more sales opportunities, improves the segmentation of the database, streamlining and optimising processes in real time.

From traditional CRM to Social CRM

Over the years, traditional CRM has given way to Social CRM. Social CRM broadens the communication channels for contacting the customer. If previously a CRM only provided basic contact details such as telephone and email, nowadays it includes the Social Networks of the specific profile. In the same way, the channels for contacting the customer have changed. With a classic CRM, the options were: phone call or email. Social CRM allows communication through social networks, instant messaging apps and other digital channels.

Marketing Automation or CRM, how do they differ?

Marketing Automation platforms have their source in CRM software. The main difference between an automated marketing tool and a CRM is that the former allows you to schedule the sending of relevant information depending on the sales stage of each lead. Therefore, it is used to set up marketing campaigns and create specific actions in the communication between company and client.

On the other hand, a CRM is oriented towards B2B (Business to Business) communication. It gathers information to analyse and manage a more long-term and personalised sale, with the need for the intervention of a sales team (SaaS).

Marketing AutomationCRM
Marketing tool
Automate mails
Dynamic contact segmentation
Ecommerce, Blogs and Social Networks
Orientation: B2C
Sales and marketing tools
Customer relationship management
Individual contact segmentation
Orientation: B2B

There are different CRMs and automated marketing platforms. While most of them are paid, there are others that are free or open source. Depending on your company's needs and economy, you can choose the one that best suits your business. In this article you can see the best automated marketing platforms. In this other article you will find the best rated CRMs at present.

If this is the first time you are going to use a CRM, we recommend some of the free or open source CRMs that exist. One of the most versatile and complete in this category is vTiger CRM.

CRM SMS integration vTiger

vTiger CRM is a free open source software similar to SugarCRM and Salesforce, developed in PHP. It is mainly divided into 4 modules or areas:

Commercial: To manage and track sales from initial contact, customer conversion and after-sales service. It obtains control over orders, quotes, invoices, products, rates and opportunities.
Marketing: Manages marketing campaigns at a basic level. Initially only incorporates the email channel.
Customer Service: Incident reporting area. Allows you to create a section for frequently asked questions.
Inventory / Stock: Manages suppliers, products, prices, purchase orders, budgets, orders and invoices.

In Afilnet we have developed an SMS module for vTiger that enhances communications with customers. CRM SMS integration allows you to enhance communication with the customer. With the SMS module for vTiger, you can send transactional SMS to your customers. When we talk about transactional text messages, we mean an SMS that is sent after a specific customer action. In this sense, text messages are a more efficient and dedicated communication channel for professional use than instant messaging apps or social networks. In addition, the vTiger plugin incorporates the Text-to-Speech channel, which consists of a text message played as a phone call. It can be sent to both landlines and mobile phones.

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