SMS alerts during pandemic

During the health crisis experienced in the last two years we have learned many lessons, one of which we can extrapolate to the subject of this article, which is the importance of communications in alert or emergency situations, whether in a pandemic or environmental catastrophe. In these cases, rapid and fluid communication is essential for timely decisions to be made, and even more so when it comes to saving lives. The sms alerts in the pandemic were of vital importance for this.

In Afilnet we have learned for years the importance of offering our customers digital communication channels that are efficient and also allow direct and fast contact. Afilnet is today an advanced omnichannel communication platform that allows connecting people through channels such as: bulk sms, certified sms, email and certified email, instant messaging, automated calls, among others.

Who can make use of this type of services

As a company dedicated for over 15 years to digital communication, we have many customers who make use of our services, companies and institutions from different sectors and areas rely on us to improve communication through digital channels. We can cite several cases of use in critical situations, as well as sms alerts in the pandemic, we have other examples:

SMS alerts: this is a channel designed to prevent and/or warn the user of some action of vital importance or urgency. In this case we have customers who use this type of service to:

  • Notifying possible incidents in a software to third parties.
  • Security companies that send alerts by sms in case of robberies or intrusions in homes.
  • Institutions that warn citizens of a specific region of weather changes.

SMS notifications: SMS notifications are an effective way to inform or keep people up to date on matters of vital importance. For years we have had clients who put their trust in our services to:

  • Notifying by sms about the characteristics of medicines and other pharmacological products.
  • Health centers and dental clinics that send sms reminders of appointments to their patients.
  • Unions that notify their members of the announcement of competitive examinations or other selection processes.

Certified SMS: it is a channel that works like the classic sms but with the difference that the content sent has 100% legal validity, comparable to a certified letter or burofax. Our customers rely on the certified sms when they need to send:

  • Private or personal medical documentation.
  • Companies notifying their workers in situations of discharge or sick leave, etc.
  • Law firms that send in digital format to replace the burofax.

What are the advantages of sms alerts and sms notifications?

We can definitely say that a channel such as sms is very effective. Even of great importance when it comes to critical situations such as those experienced in recent times. Both sms alerts and sms notifications are two channels that should complement the communication of those companies and institutions that have a database (whether customers, affiliates or citizens) that need to be informed and updated.

In recent years we have realized that sms alerts in the pandemic proved to be crucial to inform and alert. In situations like these, if you act quickly you can save many lives.

Among the characteristics of these channels we can mention the following:

  • Fast and effective channel: It is a channel that can reach thousands of people in a matter of seconds. In addition, SMS is the digital channel with the highest opening rate (around 96%).
  • Coverage. We have direct connection with all countries and destinations in the world.
  • Automated: SMS alerts and SMS notifications can be easily automated, allowing automatic sending when an event or crisis occurs.
  • Economic: sms is a really economic channel. In Afilnet we always work with the best market rate.

Afilnet: a partner in efficient communication

We have been working for many years with companies, unions and institutions that place their trust in our services. They are the ones who give the best testimony of us when they place their trust after so many years.

At Afilnet we work so that this trust is strengthened over time. We have an omnichannel platform that we continue to improve and that has the most advanced channels.

If you think it's time for your company to take a step forward in improving digital communication, we are ready to help you. Visit our website and get in touch with us.

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