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WordPress is a free content management software oriented to the creation of web pages. It is developed in PHP for environments running MySQL and Apache, under GPL license. WordPress was born with the idea of creation pages without the need for programming knowledge, using a simple visual interface. Today, more than 40% of the world's websites are built with this CMS. With WordPress you can create websites and virtual shops in a totally customized way. It also allows you to enhance its features with plugins that improve the performance and experience on the web. Among the most useful plugins are those designed to provide security. In this article we are talking about the SMS Plugin for WordPress developed by Afilnet, which provides a layer of security through SMS two-step authentication (2FA).

What is a plugin in WordPress?

A plugin is a component or software extension that adds functionality to the website by extending its capabilities. Within the WordPress repository there are more than 50,000 free, freemium and paid-for plugins developed by members of the WordPress community.

There are countless software components that help to improve the performance of the website. One of the most popular WordPress plugins is WooCommerce, developed to adapt the website to an ecommerce version.

As mentioned earlier, security plugins are essential for all websites. It is necessary to install those that provide strong security measures against possible malware or attacks. A WordPress website without security plugins is a vulnerable website.

In terms of security, there are a wide variety of plugins whose main function may vary, depending on their characteristics. There are plugins of type:

  • Antivirus and malware detection.
  • Firewalls and security measures.
  • IP filters.
  • Anti-Spam.

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication is a security measure that validates a user's identity using a double password. It usually works as a code or number generated by a software or app, which the user must validate in order to access the service.

OTP one-time passwords and SMS two-factor verification are the most effective way to protect against unauthorised access or hacker attacks. This measure provides a double layer of security on the web, preventing vulnerability in devices or user accounts.

SMS as a security tool

You may have wondered why text messages work as a security measure. The answer is clear. SMS has an open rate of around 97%. Statistics indicate that almost 100% of text messages sent are read within 3 minutes. This makes it a reliable and fast tool when trying to send alerts or personalised notifications. In terms of security, it is a reliable and private channel, which allows the user's own validation of access or validation from their mobile phone. Moreover, it does not require an internet connection to be sent.

Any brand that needs to implement security measures to its processes will benefit from SMS security. From large organisations such as banks to ecommerce.

How the SMS plugin for WordPress works via 2FA

Afilnet's SMS plugin for WordPress helps to secure processes by sending OTP and 2FA passwords via SMS. For us, the security of your business is essential, so we provide the classic channel par excellence to offer the greatest versatility.

Basically, the SMS plugin for WordPress works as follows:

  1. First step: The user enters the credentials in their user account.
  2. The system validates the credentials and sends a password by SMS to the user, requesting it.
  3. The user enters the password received.
  4. The system validates the password and allows the user access.

Remember that the plugin is available in the WordPress plugin repository. If you need help and want to implement security measures on your WordPress website, we will be at your disposal.

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