Conversational Chatbot: Best Practices for Designing and Configuring AI Chatbots in 2023

In recent times, all of us have realized the potential of chatbots and why companies can implement their use to revolutionize the way they communicate with their audience.

But, to achieve the best results and take full advantage of all the features that this incredible artificial intelligence tool can offer you, you must pay close attention to how to create the chatbot for companies.

Indeed, however, it may seem a complex task, especially for those who are just beginning to learn about the subject, it should be noted that it is not. By following some useful tips, you will be able to create your chatbot and thus improve the experience of netizens who visit your online store or your company's website. We are going to talk about this and much more in the article that we prepare for you today.

How to design, implement and create a conversational chatbot efficiently?

Chatbots came into our lives to change the way we communicate with customers thanks to their artificial intelligence features that allow the conversation to be programmed by simulating human tone and natural language.

The use cases of this automated workspace are many, although it is generally used for the generation of leads and a better customer service experience. Considering the many advantages that this tool offers and the fact that it is becoming more and more popular, it is not surprising that Gartner has predicted that in the near future the chatbot will be in charge of managing the customer support center in different companies.

Even so, for this tool to be effectively helpful, it is necessary to know how to execute it, avoiding those common errors that limit the chatbot's functionality. Due to the importance of the chatbot project, we decided that the time has come to tell you what are the best practices for creating and programming bots that you should consider while planning how to use the instrument and achieve the expected success.

set your goals

Although it seems to go without saying, the first thing you need to do to implement an AI chatbot and achieve the best results is to set your goals. Only in this way will you be able to develop a virtual customer support agent that is really useful for your audience, capable of satisfying their demands.

However, it should be noted that, with new technologies, you can create a bot for any type of objective that you want to achieve. The important thing is to have a clear goal that must be followed from the beginning to the end. As? Analyzing what are the needs and demands of the users and defining which of these can be satisfied through programming.

What you should not forget at this point is that the chatbot does is help solve problems successfully and quickly.

Study the expectation of users

As we have mentioned before, the key to the success of a chatbot as a virtual assistant is its ability to solve the problems faced by visitors to a website or application. However, in order to do so, it must be developed in the correct way, a design that can be carried out only if the customers' expectations are known.

That is why it is extremely necessary to carry out a prior analysis to determine what the consumer is looking for, needs and wants and then create the chatbot based on this collected information.

Create an engaging conversational chatbot

On the other hand, you should never forget that customization is the element that will guarantee success in any type of sales or assistance strategy that you want to execute. This also applies to the creation of a conversational chatbot that should respond to queries in a natural way, avoiding sounding like a robot or too repetitive. Therefore, you must create the chatbot seeking to give it a personality and a tone of voice that is liked by the reader, thus improving the user experience.

Of all the points that we are going to present to you in today's article, clearly this is one of the most complex because it is often difficult to avoid developing this tool in such a way that it is not boring. To achieve this goal you should ask some key questions such as: what tone to use with your target audience? What name to give the chatbot? What visual representation should it have?

Send messages with reduced information

After having carried out all the steps that we have just mentioned, it is time to start creating the messages and content that chatbots can provide to the audience and to the users who access this conversation automation service . Indeed, you must remember that the main objective of this tool is to offer the audience all the relevant information that is of interest to the vast majority of visitors to a web page or an application, such as the welcome message or the message to transfer the conversation to a human agent when needed

However, the content to be offered must not only be interesting and useful, but it must also be presented in an attractive and organized way so that it is easy to understand. To do this, it is usually recommended to develop the chatbot service desk by creating short messages, avoiding extremely long texts that end up frustrating and tiring the reader. Indeed, short messages are more similar to the conversation flow of human beings, which is why they are capable of generating a closer relationship with the user who needs to solve a problem.

Try the chatbot

After having planned all the elements that we have told you so far that are an integral part of the chatbot, you will finally be able to use this tool running on your business website or in your application to test its functionalities and the reaction of the users.

We are referring to the fact that you should carry out initial alpha and beta tests to see what adjustments you need to make and what aspects of the chatbot you should modify right now to avoid frustrating your visitors.

Monitor the results achieved

In the previous point we told you that, after having planned and definitively created your automated chatbot, you must carry out some tests to verify its correct operation and confirm that it is liked by the audience.

However, you should not make the mistake that many brands do. What does it mean? Many companies carry out the official tests , modify the aspects that need some initial adjustment, and then stop monitoring the results achieved by the chatbots.

This error is unfortunately very common, but contrary to popular belief, this tool cannot be generated and executed once and for all. Let's not forget that the needs of the target audience are changing, so your chat bot can also be adapted to the new demands of the users and improve the way of understanding the queries. As? Constantly monitoring the data that this tool collects over time, analyzing which are the frequent questions that did not get answers or those quick answers that were not of any use to the person.

In this way, you will be able to discover new trends or consumer needs, create valid and quick responses to these requests, improve the customer experience and the performance achieved by the chatbot. In this regard, what you should keep in mind is that, even though the tool has been created as carefully as possible, it will always present some limitation that can frustrate the audience. That is why it is key that you always monitor the results and introduce adjustments proactively.

Request evaluation of the chat and user experience

As we have mentioned before, gathering necessary information about the satisfaction of the service provided by the chatbot to the user is the key to improving the results achieved. That is why it is particularly useful to ask each person who has asked a question to the tool to evaluate the service launched by using a button up or down. If you want to collect more precise information, you could integrate a section with a comment box where the user can explain in more detail their experience with the chatbot, whether positive or negative.

Trust the Afilnet service to offer a quality chatbot

The last piece of advice that we want to give you to develop a really attractive and high-impact chatbot that is capable of helping users, has to do with choosing wisely and carefully the most suitable chatbot provider for your needs.

In this sense, it should be noted that, on the Internet, it is possible to find many qualified providers that offer chatbot creation services, but of all of them, one of the best is surely Afilnet, a leading company in the telecommunications and marketing sector.

With afilnet, you can create your chatbot in the blink of an eye to automate and personalize your company-client communication in the most appropriate way. In fact, the platform made available by Afilnet can help you connect your chatbot to any website that is of interest to you (brand's official website, CRM, ERP or online store) even integrating the tool to WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram and Messenger so that communication is as effective and fluid as possible.

Likewise, so that you can improve customer service, Afilnet offers users the possibility of carrying out constant monitoring of the conversational flow carried out by the chatbot so that you can make all the improvements that you consider necessary quickly and in real time.

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