HLR Lookup API

Check the status of telephone numbers thanks to our HLR Lookup service. Know the operator to which a mobile number or landline belongs.

  • HTTP API, Integrate this service with any programming language.
  • 99.9% SLA, We optimize the performance of all servers.

Programming languages

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API functionality


API method that allows you to obtain information about the status of a mobile or landline number. Information is provided on which operator it belongs to, if that number has been ported and if that number is active in real time (check availability).
Parameter Description Compulsory / Optional
class=hlr Class requested: Class to which the request is made Compulsory
method=checkphonenumbers Class method requested: Method of the class to which the request is made Compulsory
user User and e-mail of your Afilnet account Compulsory
password Password of your Afilnet account Compulsory
numbers List of phone numbers including the country code separated by , (commas) Compulsory


  • status
  • result (if status=success), here you will receive the following values:
    • credits
    • list
      • number
      • mccmnc
      • imsi
      • onname
      • onprefix
      • oncountry
      • ported
      • portedcountry
      • portedname
      • portedprefix
      • error
      • permanent_error
  • error (if status=error), here you will receive the error code

Error codes:

Code Description
MISSING_USER User or email not included
MISSING_PASSWORD Password not included
MISSING_CLASS Class not included
MISSING_METHOD Method not included
MISSING_COMPULSORY_PARAM Compulsory parameter not included
INCORRECT_USER_PASSWORD Incorrect user or password
INCORRECT_CLASS Incorrect class
INCORRECT_METHOD Incorrect method


  • class : hlr
  • method : checkphonenumbers
  • user : user
  • password : password
  • numbers : 100000000,100000001,100000002



Tools that enhance our HLR Lookup API



Security tailored to your business

Configure your API connections, create new accesses and manage existing ones.

Filter all API accesses by IP, add or remove enabled IPs to guarantee the security of your accesses.

Keep track of all connections made, API used and connection dates / time



Connectivity tailored to your business

We offer you multiple APIs to connect with us, we have an HTTP API, BASIC AUTH, SOAP and JWT Authentication so that you can connect with us the way you want.

Connect with any of the APIs in a secure, simple and centralized way . Afilnet API is perfect for your software.

API Logs

API Logs

Get to know each request in detail

Thanks to our logs you will be able to review all the requests made and the corresponding response from our API, which will allow you to consult details when you need them.

The information you can consult is the following:

  • Source IP of the request
  • Date & Time of the request
  • API & Method being called
  • Parameters sent to the API
  • API response
  • metadata

Steps to use the HLR Lookup API

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