Send SMS with ApiX-Drive

How to automate sending SMS to your customers using ApiX-Drive Connector

Send SMS with ApiX-Drive

Benefits of automation

Learn about the benefits of automating your workflows

Get rid of the routine

Get rid of the routine

Automatic forwarding eliminates the need to monitor events and send related SMS to clients. All these processes are carried out without your participation and you can spend your free time on other tasks.

Communication without delay

Communication without delay

Thanks to automation, the message is sent immediately after the monitored event occurs. This is especially important when it comes to transactions. After all, if the customer needs your SMS to complete the transaction, any delay can become a problem.

Continuous work

Continuous work

Automatic mail works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can rest easy after business hours knowing messages are still being sent.

Minimal errors

Minimal errors

If you send messages manually, it's easy to mix up the characters and type in the wrong number. Especially with a large flow of customers. Automation minimizes the probability of such errors.


What is ApiX-Drive and how does it work?

This is a simple tool with which you can quickly set up automatic SMS sending based on events from various services: CRM, project managers, analytics services, advertising systems, CMS, bot platforms, spreadsheet editors, etc. .

Mailing works as follows: as soon as a selected event occurs in one of the services, the connector starts sending a message through Afilnet. You can customize the SMS content as you like.

Each service maintains an individual list of events that can trigger the dispatch. Let's take a look at how this might work in specific operational scenarios.

Remember that we have listed only a few typical examples. With ApiX-Drive, you can set up automatic feeds for these and many other events across a wide variety of services.

Let's say you collect requests for a conference through the main Facebook form. As soon as the user leaves their phone number in the form, Afilnet automatically sends an SMS with the time and location of the event.

You sell products through a store based on Wix, a very popular CMS. Immediately after making a purchase, the customer receives an SMS with the order confirmation and the approximate response time of the person in charge.

Manage deals in Salesforce CRM. As soon as the administrator assigns the status "Invoiced" to the order, the customer receives an SMS with the details and the amount.

You are using Hubspot CRM to manage your orders. As soon as the manager transfers the goods to the status "Shipped to the customer", the buyer receives an SMS notification of the shipment and a tracking number for the package.

Send SMS with Apix-Drive

How to configure automatic SMS sending using ApiX-Drive

To configure, you need to connect the required service to Afilnet and select an event on it that will trigger the sending of the message. Setup is done on the ApiX-Drive website and takes up to 15 minutes on average. No technical knowledge is required for this: the user is helped by suggestions built into the interface.

Within a mailing list, the sending of messages can be based on a single event from a service. If you want to set up automatic sending of messages in response to multiple events, you will need to create multiple sends for each event.

To make it easier for you to solve it, we will describe step by step how to create an automatic mailing list in ApiX-Drive. As an example, let's configure the automatic sending of messages about the shipment of goods. The triggering event will be the "Shipped to Customer" status being assigned to the product in the Hubspot CRM service.

Let's assume that our Afilnet and Hubspot accounts have already been created and configured.

Let's start creating a connection

We go into your personal account and click "Create connection".

We indicate what action the connector should automate on the receiver side. In our case, it is "Send SMS".

Let's start connecting Hubspot: click the blue button.

Open your Hubspot account in a new browser tab. We go to the account settings and on the left we click on "Integration" - "API Key". Then we click on "Create key".

Copy the key that appears.

Reconfigure ApiX-Drive and enter the key you just copied.

Now we select the state, after the transfer, to which the message will be automatically sent. In our case, this is "Sent to client".

Configure filtering if necessary. This feature allows you to make the connector send messages only when certain conditions are met. For example, you can set up mailing only for products in certain categories.

To test the functionality of the connector, add a test product to Hubspot, enter your phone number in it and transfer it to the "Sent to customer" status. After that, we reconfigure ApiX-Drive and refresh the page. If everything is done correctly, the connector will download the data from our product sheet.

Click "Start setting up data reception".

We chose Afilnet as data receiver.

We indicate what action the connector should automate on the receiver side. In our case, it is "Send SMS".

Click Connect "Afilnet" account.

We enter the username and password of our account.

Now we are configuring the SMS template. To do this, fill in the current text blocks. To have the connector automatically fill in the Recipient block, click it and select the variable with the phone number. As a result, the system will charge you for each order. If necessary, you can configure the insertion of other data in the same way: customer name, order tracking number, etc.

Let's see an example with a message generated based on our template. If you need to change anything, click "Edit" and make your changes.

If everything suits you, click "Send test data to Afilnet". As a result, a notification about sending a test product should be sent to our number.

Clicking "Enable update" to start automatic sending of messages.

Click and set the data transfer interval. The smaller it is, the smaller the delay between the occurrence of the event and the sending of the message.

That's it. ApiX-Drive will initiate automatic delivery notifications through Afilnet. Similarly, you can configure mailings for other services and events. Good luck with your work.

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