Afilnet offers you services aimed at sending certified information and signing contracts that will allow your company to send information with legal validity.

Services we offer you

Sending Certified Email

Certified email is one of the most efficient channels for sending certified communications . Allowing to send information to any email that will be certified and can be used as reliable evidence.

Our platform allows you to send Certified Email in a simple, fast and economical way.

Certified Email

Certificate Fees

Sending Certified Email

Sending Certified SMS

Sending Certified SMS

Send SMS with certified content to any mobile in the world in seconds and from the internet.

Our platform allows you to send Certified SMS and download the certificate that you can use as reliable proof.

Certified SMS

Certified SMS Rates

Sending and Signing of Contracts

Freemium Service

Our contract creation tool will allow you to create and send contracts to your clients, who can sign in handwriting.

Channels compatible with this service

Afilnet allows you to send and sign contracts through the following channels:

Sending and Signing of Contracts

Sending and Signing of Contracts

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