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Sending a burofax online is a procedure to urgently send a document that requires proof to third persons. It can be about complaints, claims, debts, etc. Nowadays, we can send bureaufax online from a mobile phone or from a computer, through the Internet.

Although we can consider that this is not something useful in our day to day life. But it is a service that has been available for decades and it is designed for sending urgent documents that require secure delivery.

When sending bureaufaxes online, the content, sender, recipient and date of sending are recorded. This is done for certain legal matters or for official communications.

Nowadays there are more efficient alternatives to sending online bureaufaxes, such as the Certified Email channel. Below we detail the uses and the different advantages of this service with respect to the sending of bureaufaxes.

Certified Email

As with the online bureaufax, there is a simpler and cheaper way to give legal validity to documents. This is the certified email. With certified email, we can send communications with the simplicity of an email as a reliable proof.

Sending Certified Email, offers a service that gives legal validity of the content, as well as the date and time of sending, from where it is sent and where it is received.

Sending Certified Email is very easy to use and requires no previous knowledge. In this User Manual, we guide you step by step through all the actions to be performed. You can also learn how to send certified email through this video and find out how it works.

Email certified uses

The Certified Email has different uses, which are described below:

  • Claiming dues: We can claim dues or overdrafts that exist through Certified Email.
  • Payment deadline alerts: We can notify our customers of an approaching payment deadline.
  • Debt refinancing: Thanks to Certified Email, we can change the terms of the contract by which the contract was structured, such as term, interest rate or amortisation system, among others.
  • Credit granting: We can make use of Certified Email for the granting of credit.
  • Legal authorisations before third parties: Through a certified email, we can make legal authorisations before third parties or entities.
  • Contracting products: We can contract loans, deposits, insurances… through Certified Email.
  • Registration or cancellation of contracts: We can register or cancel contracts through Certified Email.

Full certification

We can download the document that certifies each certified sending by email, where we will find all the details.

In this certificate, we will find the following certified information:

  • Email account of origin.
  • Recipient's email account.
  • Date and time of sending the certified email.
  • Title of the certified email.
  • Content of the certified email.
  • Content of all attachments.

Advantages of Certified Email over Sending a Burofax Online

There are many advantages to sending a Burofax Online which are detailed below:

  • Sending is cheaper than sending a burofax online.
  • The certification of the email is charged when we send the certified email, no fees. We only pay for what we send.
  • Certified email is a universal method, as everyone has a mobile device. It is therefore the most effective channel for notifications.
  • Regardless of the length of the message, the cost of certified email is the same. We can send long texts without any inconvenience.
  • We can configure and send certified email from our personal email manager. It is an easy and simple configuration.

Certified Email as an alternative to sending Burofax Online

As we can see, Certified Email is an alternative to the Online Burofax. If we need to make a legal communication, it is no longer necessary to resort to a burofax, which has a system of sending notices by email and a much higher cost. With Certified Email, we can send notifications with guarantees of legal and juridical validity, in a simple and immediate way and at a very low cost.

For this reason, Certified Email is increasingly used by individuals to send notifications and communications. Thus replacing the burofax.

In Afilnet, we can help you in the whole process so that you can send certified communications. You can contact us via Chat, request a call or even schedule a videoconference with our team to help you in everything you need.

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