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Learn about the tools that our platform offers you.

  • 99.9% Uptime, We work so that our servers are always fully operational.
  • Multilanguage, Our platform is available in 15+ languages.
  • Multi-account, Our multi-account system allows you to manage sub-accounts with infinite levels.
  • Premium Support, We are here to assist you with any questions.
Afilnet platform

Marketing platform for companies

Afilnet has multiple tools to make your marketing campaigns more efficient

premium platform

We offer you a Premium platform to manage your Marketing campaigns. Discover the characteristics of our Marketing platform for companies.

Marketing campaings

  • Simple and intuitive shipping
  • Delivery Status Tracking
  • Search, export and filter options
  • Send to multiple groups at once

Email Marketing

  • Wysiwyg Publisher
  • Drag&Drop Editor
  • HTML Editor

SMS & Voice

  • Number validation
  • Live cost calculator

WhatsApp Business

  • Registration & use of templates
  • Multi-agent chat

Contact Management

  • Import contacts with copy & paste
  • Import contacts from Excel, CSV or TXT
  • Contact management via API
  • Management of contacts from the platform

Leave management

  • Automated cancellation management

attached services

  • Send landing pages in your emails
  • Send surveys in your emails
  • Send files in your emails
  • Send documents & contracts in your emails
  • Send short urls in your emails


  • Create, Edit and use templates
premium platform

Take the Marketing of your company to another level

tools for your
Marketing campaings

Shipping Manager

Shipping Manager

Carry out marketing campaigns through SMS, Email or Voice

Our platform allows you to manage campaign shipments through any channel (SMS, Email or Voice) and track the results.

  • Carry out SMS, Email or Voice campaigns
  • Send to multiple groups at once
Shipping Manager
Contact Manager

Contact Manager

Manage all your contacts easily and efficiently

Manage your contact groups quickly and easily. Export your contacts and import them into our platform from any supported format.

  • Create groups from a contact list
  • Import contacts in Excel, TXT or CSV
  • Create new groups using contacts from existing groups
  • Manage your contacts from API
Contact Manager
Publication Calendar

Publication Calendar

All your company's marketing campaigns at a glance

Our publication calendar is the best tool you can have to plan your marketing campaigns.

  • Visualization by day, week and month
  • Information on all shipments and channels
  • Information grouped by channels
Publication Calendar

Retirement Manager

Automate unsubscribes from your marketing campaigns

Our unsubscribe management service allows your customers to easily unsubscribe from your marketing campaigns

  • Compatible with Email and phone numbers
  • As simple as attaching a link
  • Simple to use by your subscribers
Retirement Manager
Retirement Manager
Channel Manager

Channel Manager

Manage all your channels from one place

Our service allows you to manage all your channels in a unified way using our channel manager (add, modify or delete your channels in a unified way).

  • Manage your email accounts, virtual numbers, social networks in one place
  • Manage all the details of each channel
  • Hire new channels following a simple process
Channel Manager

Subaccount Manager

Create and manage as many subaccounts as you need

Manage your business hierarchy from one place, create and manage as many subaccounts as you want.

  • Manage all subaccounts centrally
  • Create, modify and delete your subaccounts
  • Transfer balance between subaccounts
Subaccount Manager
Subaccount Manager
Cloud Services Manager

Cloud Services Manager

Connect your campaigns with cloud services

Our cloud service manager allows you to create and attach all kinds of cloud services to your SMS, email or WhatsApp campaigns.

  • Create and send great landing pages
  • Create and send contracts that can be signed from any device
  • Create surveys and send them through any channel
  • Connect with thousands of 3rd party services
Cloud Services Manager

Template Manager

Save your messages as templates and use them whenever you need

Our template manager allows you to create and use templates while working with your marketing campaigns.

  • Create templates for SMS, WhatsAPP or Email from the same place
  • Save or load templates while you work
  • Add labels to your templates
Template Manager
Template Manager
Chat Manager

Chat Manager

Centralize all your business chat communications

Our Chat service allows you to centralize all your chat communications on the same platform.

  • Conversaciones multiplataforma unificadas (Messenger, WhatsAPP, WebChat)
  • Management of operators and departments
  • Connection with cloud services
  • Creation and assignment of Chat Bots
Chat Manager

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