Subscription Manager

Our unsubscribe management tool will allow your contacts to unsubscribe from your lists simply, quickly and efficiently.

How does the unsubscribe service work?

Our unsubscribe service is known as, the service is as simple to use as how to attach a link to said URL.

The user can unsubscribe by simply indicating the origin from where they have received the SMS or email that will be registered and will block any future attempt to send them.

Subscription Manager
How does the unsubscribe service work?

Shipments blocked to unsubscribed users

Shipments blocked to unsubscribed users

The Afilnet platform blocks submissions from users who have unsubscribed, regardless of whether this submission is made from our platform through the API.

In the list of shipments you will be able to see all the blocked shipments, which will allow you to update your contact lists.

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