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Bulk SMS, Voice Calls, Email Marketing and Social Networks more efficient thanks to the API of Afilnet

Available APIs

Connect to our services through our APIs and enhance your systems communications.

Send SMS via API, Connect your software to SMS sending in an advanced way

Voice API
Send Text Messages to Voice via API, Send voice messages from your software

Email API
Send and automate the sending of emails through API, connect your software with Email Marketing

WhatsAPP Business API
Connect with your customers using WhatsAPP through API

API virtual numbers
Buy and configure virtual numbers through API. Automate your company's voice communications

Reseller API
Manage subaccounts, assign balance and manage campaigns for your clients

API authentication
Authenticate your users and increase the security of your customer accounts

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The perfect complement four your software

Hundreds of programs integrate our API to enhance their communications. We can highlight the following applications:

  • Client Management Application
  • Event Management Software
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Maintenance Applications
  • Notification Tools
  • Networking
  • CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • Virtual Stores

The perfect complement four your software

Which benefits does it provide?

Which benefits does it provide?

Integrating Afilnet API has many benefits, including the next ones:

  • A better relationship with your client
  • Cost cutting in marketing campaigns
  • New sources of income for your company through the commercialization of the service
  • Improved information channel with the client
  • Optimal notification service

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Bulk SMS · Email Marketing · Social network · Instant messaging · Virtual phone numbers · and much more

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