Bulk SMS

Afilnet is the most advanced SMS company, with our services you can send bulk SMS with attached Cloud Services (presentations, surveys, documents, files ... ) without any additional cost.

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Send texts-to-Speech automatically, you just need to indicate your message and an automated system will make a call to the recipient/s and speak it.

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Email marketing

Make email marketing campaigns and get the best results. We offer you countless possibilities to increase your sales.

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QR codes

Generate QR codes that are linked to our Cloud Services, you will be able to print them and place them wherever you want. QR codes allow you to improve your company's interaction with clients.

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Social Networks

Create campaigns in social networks automatically and with the best possible results. Manage all your social networks from Afilnet

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Manage all publications of your blogs from our platform. Afilnet allows you to create, edit, and publish in a programmed way

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Check mobile numbers details (HLR Lookup)

Get details about the mobile phone numbers you send SMS to, including the current number status. This will allow you to remove those numbers that aren't available any more and make more effective campaigns.

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Check email accounts

Get details about the email accounts you choose. This way, you will be able to remove those email accounts that aren't available any more and make more effective campaigns.

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Dedicated numbers

Register landline, mobile or toll-free numbers form your city and use them to send and receive messages or calls.

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Cloud Services add an extra feature to the communications channels and enable you to attach services or files hosted in the cloud to your messages, this is what we call "Cloud Marketing". The available services are:
Supported by SMS, WhatsAPP, email marketing and QR services


The presentations service enable to attach presentations supported by any device. It allows you to attach up to 15 slides.

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The surveys service helps you know your clients opinion in a matter of minutes, create a survey with the questions (and/or answers) you wish and send them through any of our channels.

Check the answer statistics from your account.

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Discount coupons

Boost your sales by offering discounts to your clients. You can send them in the form of discount coupons with our system. Generate your own discount codes in an easy and fast way and distribute them with any of our channels.

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Create events with detailed information and send them to your clients. The most effective way of promoting your business events.

Get RSVP updates every minute, get details of who is attending.

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Send documents to your clients in an easy and fast way. Your documents can optimally be viewed on any device.

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Send your contracts in an easy and fast way through any channel, the user will be able to sign them on any device.

Check and later download your signed contracts or store them in the cloud.

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Attach audio files to your message, send a song or a text-to-speech with your message.

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Images / Videos

Upload your images or videos to the cloud and share them with your clients. From now on, you can send any leaflet, image or corporate video your company creates.

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