Solutions for Logistics Companies

Here you will find information about all the services we offer to logistics companies that will allow you to improve your relationship with your customers.

Services we offer you

Customer notifications

Send notifications related to your clients related to their logistics transactions in a fast and automated way.

Thanks to Afilnet you can automate the sending of notifications to your customers through any channel.

Channels compatible with this service

The notification service for logistics companies is compatible with the following channels:

Customer notifications

Email notifications

Certified Communications

Send notifications with legal validity to your clients through Certified SMS or Certified Email.

This service is designed for cases in which your logistics company must certify the sending of notifications to its customers.

Certified Email Certified SMS

Certificate Fees

Sending and Signing of Contracts

Freemium Service

Send and sign contracts or any other documents through any channel thanks to Afilnet's handwritten Contract Signing service.

Ideal when you require your clients to sign any document related to their logistics transactions.

Channels compatible with this service

Afilnet allows you to send and sign contracts through the following channels:

Sending and Signing of Contracts

Notifications by WhatsAPP

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