Solutions for Medical Centers

Learn about the solutions we offer to Medical Centers through Afilnet. Solutions to help you improve patient care.

Services we offer you

Appointment Reminder

Send notifications to your patients remembering their medical appointments via SMS, Email or Instant Messaging.

Afilnet allows you to send appointments in a simple, fast and even automated way.

Channels compatible with this service

The medical appointment sending service is compatible with the following channels:

SMS notifications

Marketing campaings

Marketing campaings

Send Marketing campaigns to your clients in a matter of minutes through any channel.

Afilnet provides them with a very powerful Marketing platform for carrying out campaigns and monitoring results .

Channels compatible with this service

Afilnet allows you to carry out Marketing Campaigns through the following channels:

Certified Medical Communications

To send medical information that needs to be certified, our company offers the service of Certified SMS & Certified Email .

Certified Email is the best way to send documentation through email that needs to be certified.

Certified SMS is your best ally to send urgent notifications that must be certified.

Certified Email Certified SMS

Certificate Fees

Email notifications

Voice notifications

Chat patient support

We offer you a multi-channel platform, compatible with WhatsAPP, Facebook and Web Chat that will allow you to better assist your patients .

Our platform allows you to create multiple departments and operators that will allow you to serve your patients in a more personalized way.

To assist your patients in an automated way, Afilnet allows you to create and integrate a customized Chat Bot to your Chat platform.

Creation of Chat Bots

Satisfaction surveys

Freemium Service

The quality surveys will allow your center to know the satisfaction of your patients and to be able to offer them a better service.

Our service will allow you to create satisfaction surveys, send them to your customers through any compatible channel and track / analyze the result.

Satisfaction surveys

Channels compatible with this service

Afilnet allows you to send surveys to your customers through the following channels:

Satisfaction surveys

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