Send bulk voice with C Sharp

Send a voice message to a group of landlines or phone mobiles with C Sharp


Send bulk voice with C Sharp

Example in C Sharp:

String afilnet_class="voice";
String afilnet_method="sendvoicetogroup";
String afilnet_user="user";
String afilnet_password="password";
String afilnet_from="34900000000";
String afilnet_countrycode="34";
String afilnet_idgroup="1";
String afilnet_message="sms+test";
String afilnet_language="en";
String afilnet_voice="Joanna";
String afilnet_scheduledatetime="";
String afilnet_output="";

// Create an URL request
WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create(""+afilnet_class+"&method="+afilnet_method+"&user="+afilnet_user+"&password="+afilnet_password+"&from="+afilnet_from+"&countrycode="+afilnet_countrycode+"&idgroup="+afilnet_idgroup+"&message="+afilnet_message+"&language="+afilnet_language+"&voice="+afilnet_voice+"&scheduledatetime="+afilnet_scheduledatetime+"&output="+afilnet_output);
// Get the response
WebResponse response = request.GetResponse ();

// Get the stream returned by the server
Stream dataStream = response.GetResponseStream();

// Open the stream
StreamReader reader = new StreamReader (dataStream);

// Read the Response
String result = reader.ReadToEnd ();

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Method details

Parameter Description Compulsory / Optional
class=voice Class requested: Class to which the request is made Compulsory
method=sendvoicetogroup Class method requested: Method of the class to which the request is made Compulsory
user User and e-mail of your Afilnet account Compulsory
password Password of your Afilnet account Compulsory
from Sender of the voice call, it must be a phone number, if an unaccepted sender is included, the voice call will be sent with an unknown sender Compulsory
countrycode Country prefix Compulsory
idgroup Group identifier containing the contacts to which the voice call will be sent Compulsory
message Message to be played by voice in voice call Compulsory
language Language in which the voice call will be played, check attached table to see available values Optional
voice Voice with which the voice call will be played, check attached table to see available values Optional
scheduledatetime Date and time of shipment in yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss format Optional
output Output format of the result Optional

When you make requests you will receive the following fields:

  •  status
  •   result (if status=success), here you will receive the following values:
    • id
    • count
    • credits
    • destinations
      • messageid
      • destination
  • error (if status=error), here you will receive the error code

The possible error codes are listed below

Code Description
MISSING_USER User or email not included
MISSING_PASSWORD Password not included
MISSING_CLASS Class not included
MISSING_METHOD Method not included
MISSING_COMPULSORY_PARAM Compulsory parameter not included
INCORRECT_USER_PASSWORD Incorrect user or password
INCORRECT_CLASS Incorrect class
INCORRECT_METHOD Incorrect method
NOT_ACCESS_TO_GROUP You are not allowed into the indicated group
NO_CREDITS Your balance is insufficient
  • class : voice
  • method : sendvoicetogroup
  • user : user
  • password : password
  • from : 34900000000
  • countrycode : 34
  • idgroup : 1
  • message : sms+test
  • language : en
  • voice : Joanna
  • scheduledatetime :
  • output :


ANNEX: List of languages and voices for available voice calls

In this annex you will find all the possible combinations of languages and voices that you can use when sending voice call messages

Language (language) Gender Name (voice)
ar female Hoda
ar male Naayf
ar male Tarik
ar female Zeina
ar female Aisha
ar male Farooq
ar male Hussein
ar female Amal
bg male Ivan
bn female Sushmita
bn male Sayan
ca female Conchita
ca female Herena
ca female Montserrat
cs male Jakub
da female Naja
da female Helle
da male Mads
de male Hans
de female Hedda
de female Marlene
de male Stefan
de female Angela
de female Vicki
de-at male Michael
de-ch male Karsten
el male Stefanos
el female Afroditi
el female Sophia
en female Jessica
en male Joey
en female Joanna
en female Jane
en female Ivy
en male Guy
en male Benjamin
en female Kimberly
en male Matthew
en female Kendra
en female Salli
en female Zira
en male Justin
en-au male Russell
en-au female Catherine
en-au female Hayley
en-au female Nicole
en-ca female Alice
en-ca female Heather
en-gb female Rosie
en-gb female Hazel
en-gb male George
en-gb male Brian
en-gb female Amy
en-gb female Emma
en-gb-wls male Geraint
en-ie male Sean
en-in female Heera
en-in male Ravi
en-in female Raveena
en-in female Priya
en-in female Aditi
es male Miguel
es female Penelope
es female Lupe
es male Pablo
es male Enrique
es female Laura
es female Linda
es-ar male Diego
es-cl female Francisca
es-es female Lola
es-mx male Raul
es-mx female Mia
es-mx female Hilda
fi female Heidi
fi female Milla
fi female Evelin
fr female Juliette
fr female Celine
fr male Mathieu
fr female Lea
fr female Hortense
fr male Picart
fr-ca female Chantal
fr-ca female Harmonie
fr-ca female Caroline
fr-ch male Guillaume
gu male Dinesh
gu female Leela
he male Asaf
hi female Aadita
hi female Kalpana
hi male Hemant
hr male Matej
hu male Szabolcs
id male Andika
id male Arif
id female Indah
id male Reza
id female Nurul
is male Karl
is female Dora
it male Giorgio
it male Cosimo
it male Carla
it female Bianca
it female Lucia
it female Gianna
ja female Mizuki
ja male Ichiro
ja female Ayumi
ja male Takumi
ja female Haruka
kn female Namratha
kn male Shashank
ko female Jina
ko female Sumi
ko female Yumi
ko female Seoyeon
ko female Heami
ko male Himchan
ko male Minho
ml female Kirti
ml male Vishnu
ms male Rizwan
nl male Ruben
nl female Lotte
nl female Hanna
no female Hulda
no female Liv
pl female Paulina
pl female Maja
pl male Jan
pl male Jacek
pl female Ewa
pt-br female Vitoria
pt-br male Ricardo
pt-br female Heloisa
pt-br male Daniel
pt-br female Camila
pt-pt male Jeraldo
pt-pt female Jacinda
pt-pt male Henriques
pt-pt female Amalia
pt-pt female Abrielle
pt-pt female Ines
pt-pt female Helia
pt-pt male Cristiano
ro female Carmen
ro male Andrei
ru female Irina
ru female Ekaterina
ru male Maxim
ru male Pavel
ru female Tatyana
sk male Filip
sl male Lado
sv female Astrid
sv female Hedvig
ta male Valluvar
ta male Ganesh
ta female Shruti
te male Vijay
te female Samantha
te female Chitra
th male Pattara
th female Somsi
tr female Filiz
tr female Seda
vi female Lien
vi male Quan
vi male Thao
vi female Mai
vi male An
wls female Gwyneth
zh-cn female Akemi
zh-cn male Wang
zh-cn female Lin
zh-cn female Huihui
zh-cn male Zhang
zh-cn female Liu
zh-cn male Huang
zh-cn male Chen
zh-cn female Zhiyu
zh-cn female Yaoyao
zh-cn female Lily
zh-cn male Kangkang
zh-tw female Hanhan
zh-tw female Yating
zh-tw male Zhiwei

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