Implement coupons as a strategy to increase CTR

Discount coupons are an effective sales strategy that can boost your email marketing campaign in a thousand different ways. Personalized coupons are capable of catching readers' attention and certainly increase the chances that your email will be opened by your audience. At the same time, they encourage the reader to click on the links or call-to-action buttons, which increases both CTR (click-through rate) and revenue.

Then the question arises why coupons can increase the CTR. According to recent statistics, good promotion increases the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign and improves CTR by up to 34%. If you add the creation of a personalized coupon to this, the CTR increases by another 2.6%.

Interesting right? If you want to know how this relationship works and how to use coupons to increase CTR, you are in the right place because in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about this topic.

What is the relationship between CTR and coupons?

In the field of marketing, the CTR, i.e. the click-through rate, is one of the most important KPIs or metrics as it helps to measure the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. The click-through rate allows you to determine the engagement of your customers and their interest in the content you provide, and thus also provides the opportunity to see whether the emails you send provide value that the reader appreciates.

While the discount coupon, in its turn, is a really effective marketing strategy because if implemented properly, it is capable of increasing a company's sales and profits . A good offer that is designed according to your target group's buying tastes is able to arouse the reader's interest and encourage them to make an unplanned purchase.

However, now it seems that there is no relationship between CTR and coupons, let us tell you that there is not. In fact, we have to point out that in order to get a good CTR for your email marketing campaign, it is crucial to prepare an impactful email that performs well. To achieve this goal, there is nothing better than offering a good discount. Let's not forget that consumers love coupons and the ability to purchase a product at a discounted price. So, if you prepare an email by adding a personalized coupon, the reader will be motivated to click on the link added in the text or take the desired action via the CTAs buttons.

In short, as you may have noticed, for a good CTR, it's important to create quality emails that grab the attention of the target audience by leveraging the competitive advantages that coupons offer and incorporating two extremely powerful strategies , to achieve their goals .

Because discount coupons are successfully integrated into the CTR

Increase engagement

When a user gets a discount or a personalized offer, the chances of closing a sale are higher. Because the reader feels valued by your brand, which strengthens the connection and increases genuine interaction with your contact database.

Favors adaptation

The type of coupon and offer to send depends on you and the goals you want to achieve. It's important to know how to create specific customer segments to discover your audience's buying interests and personalize the advertising to be sent to the customer.

It's the personalization that increases the chances of making a sale, and it's the coupon that gives you the opportunity to grab the user's attention through its persuasive power. The key is to personalize the offer to provide a coupon that is relevant to your target audience and encourages them to click on the email.

Sale based on sense of urgency

We all know that receiving a coupon at an incredible discount often creates a sense of urgency in the reader , who makes the purchase for fear of missing out on a unique, limited-time offer. This sense of urgency clearly pushes the reader to buy something from your brand instead of losing out on the promotion, thereby increasing profit volume for your business.

Drive cross-selling

On the other hand, we cannot fail to mention that the discount voucher can increase sales through cross-selling, that is , through cross-selling . what do we mean If you email your customer who just made a purchase by adding an offer for a product or service related to the purchase made, there's a good chance the buyer will show interest and make a decision to take advantage of the discount offered by the coupon and buy what they want. You bid by clicking on the CTA added in the email.

Improve Your Email's CTR With Coupons: A Practical Guide

All marketing strategies need to be planned. The same goes for discount coupons, which need to be carefully thought out so that they can improve your email's CTR. Only by setting the goals to be achieved and creating a plan can you increase the CTR of your email marketing campaign and take advantage of the offers.

Pay attention to the topic and the previous text

As we have already mentioned, the aim of the discount coupon is to encourage the reader to open your email. However, this will not happen, instead create an engaging and eye-catching subject line that briefly mentions the content of the email being sent . That's why we advise you to think about and create a subject line that emphasizes the proposed offer in a succinct but striking way, so that the user is curious and opens the email.

In the same way, previewing or previewing is also the key to increase CTR. Because? If created coherently, it will match the interests of the reader who feels the need to read the email sent and will influence the KPI that you want to improve.

Don't forget personalization and segmentation

We always give this advice because it is key to the success of any advertising campaign in today's highly competitive world. As has been shown over the past few years, sending endless impersonal emails in bulk is actually useless as the user is unlikely to even open them and delete them from their inbox.

On the contrary, if the customer feels the email was created to satisfy a personal interest or solve a problem, they will feel valued by your brand and will open all of your emails. Curiosity and interest grows even more when you offer coupons that can be used on products your audience likes. Of course, all this directly affects the CTR, which improves in a short time and helps you increase sales volume.

Send a reply email

Nowadays, emails are often opened by readers on various electronic devices, so it is extremely important to send the email in a nice design so that it can be viewed correctly either from the computer or from the mobile phone.

Remember that there is no point in sending a coupon to a customer to increase CTR if the email doesn't view well from a mobile phone. In this situation, you run the risk of missing a sales opportunity.

At this point we want to open a small bracket. In email, call-to-action buttons are very important, so you need to think carefully about how you put them and what you want to use, as CTAs aren't always easy to see from mobile phones, making it difficult for the reader to click on them. she. Because of this, we encourage you to run multiple tests and make sure the CTAs are working as they should.

Prepare an attention-grabbing discount

Coupons must be carefully considered before sending. You need to consider what type of coupons to distribute (percentage discount, gift, free shipping, etc.), the terms of use, and when to send them out in order for them to take effect.

Test your email and offer with A/B testing

Sometimes there are email copy and designs that work better than others, so A/B testing is very important. What are you? These are tests that you can implement by creating two groups of audiences, to which you send two emails with the same advertisement but presented in different ways to see which works better. The goal is to check how convenient it is to send the quote to make it as attractive as possible so that it positively influences the CTR.

Try the Afilnet platform to create and send effective and successful coupons

As you may have noticed, taking advantage of coupons will help you get a good CTR. The key to everything is to plan the email marketing campaign in each of its elements.

If you want to achieve this goal, it is essential to rely on the service of companies specialized in telecommunications and marketing, such as Afilnet, which offer their customers an intuitive and interactive platform with all the necessary tools to guarantee the success of your advertising campaign.

In this sense, Afilnet not only allows you to send thousands and thousands of emails at the same time , but also to schedule the delivery, determine the day and time for the campaign to start, and schedule the content to be distributed in detail.

With a few clicks and in constant consultation with Afilnet's technical team, you can create effective emails by sending coupons that will grab your audience's attention to improve your CTR in no time.

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