Attract new customers with the use of discount coupons as a marketing strategy

Are you evaluating how to attract and retain customers? We will give you the answer! The ideal solution for you and your brand are the famous discount coupons. This digital marketing strategy has become the secret to attract new customers and boost any type of business in the blink of an eye, guaranteeing an increase in the level of profits.

In fact, it should be noted that we are facing a crisis scenario, so the use of these coupons has become a resource that no company can miss if it wants to start attracting customers and encourage them to make a purchase that they surely did not have. planned.

If you still have doubts, we want to invite you to continue reading the article that we have prepared for you. Next, we are going to tell you about the reasons why using a discount coupon is a very effective sales strategy and how you can use this online resource to attract customers and increase the sales made by your store.

5 reasons that explain the effectiveness of coupons in your marketing strategy

increased visibility

If you want to capture the attention of potential customers, it is essential that your brand has greater visibility. How to achieve it? Sending discount coupons that meet the needs or solve a problem that the audience is facing. In this way, it not only encourages the completion of a purchase, but also improves the reputation of your brand and promotions, including future loyalty to purchase products frequently.

Increase sales

Obviously, the main competitive advantage of discount coupons is the possibility of increasing the volume of profits for your company. In this sense, we must remember that, if you manage to prepare a really striking coupon with an interesting copy , you will create a sense of urgency in the audience that will end up making a purchase that they did not have planned in order to take advantage of an incredible offer guaranteeing an increase in the price. store invoice.

Improve brand impact

In a competitive and saturated market like ours, it is very important to stand out from the competition. How to achieve it? Improving the impact and positioning of your store in the market with discount coupons.

If you plan and launch a wide-reaching advertising campaign that attracts the attention of a new audience, your brand's presence in the industry will grow along with the level of profits achieved. It is, then, an excellent way to convert leads, attract potential customers and retain each recurring customer.

Increase average customer spend

Extensive industry research has shown that discount and promotion strategies increase average shopper spend . Because? This has a lot to do with the psychology of urgency, since a limited-time free discount coupon makes your store visitors want to take advantage of the offer and end up buying several products or services from your brand that would be possible in a normal situation. they would not have.

Feed your contact database

As we have mentioned before, discount coupons have the ability to attract the attention of potential buyers. That is why one of the main benefits of this sales strategy is the possibility of feeding your contact database , eventual clients that you can retain later by starting a loyalty advertising campaign that will guarantee the success of your company.

Aspects to take into account before creating discount coupons to conquer new customers

Clearly, discount coupons are part of a powerful digital marketing tool that you should take advantage of to increase the level of profits achieved by your company. However, as with all sales techniques , coupons need to be carefully planned so that they can boost brand image and achieve all the profit goals you have estimated to achieve.

Therefore, below, we are going to tell you what are the main aspects that you must take into account to create an advertising campaign through coupons that is successful and triumphant.

Define your marketing goals

The first step that you would absolutely have to carry out is to define what are the objectives that you want to achieve with the distribution of coupons or promotions to your target audience. In this sense, the goals that you plan to achieve vary, although in general, what is sought is to attract new customers and retain or retain old buyers.

As you may have noticed, these two main objectives that every type of business wants to achieve presuppose different forms of communication with the audience, so it is extremely important to define the final goals in advance.

Plan the stock you want to offer and to whom it is addressed

However, on the other hand, at the moment in which you establish your objectives, you have to take into account that other types of key factors also come into play that define your coupon and discount distribution campaign. What do we mean? Simply that, for your strategy to be really effective and to be able to fulfill the promise offered to the client, you have to consider the level of stock before launching the promotion.

Remember that the audience can be unpredictable on some occasions, so it can happen that your coupon offers are really successful. Faced with this situation, it is key to have previously controlled having an adequate level of stock to satisfy the demand of buyers.

Study the profit margins of the type of campaigns to start

Finally, don't forget to carefully calculate what your estimated profit margins are. However, many believe that promotional advertising campaigns reduce the level of profit due to the discounts offered, if sales margins are planned it is possible to increase the billing of a brand.

In this case, the important thing is to know how to establish the objectives to be achieved, analyzing which products and services should be promoted, contemplating the level of stock to offer and evaluating how big the discount has to be to ensure a good level of profits.

Here we want to open a small parenthesis. In general, online ecommerce products and services have a higher billing margin compared to physical items, so you should take full advantage of this discrepancy if you want to earn more money and boost your business.

What type of coupon to send to a new user?

These days, there are different types of discounts that you can create to attract the attention of potential customers. The type of promotion to offer will depend in this case on the objectives you want to achieve and the profit margins, as well as the personal interests of the audience.

In any case, the most used promotions offer a percentage discount that can be applied to a shopping cart or to a new product or service. Very successful are the sales that include a gift related to the purchase made and the coupons that offer the possibility of benefiting from free shipping.

How to distribute digital discount coupons?

At this point, you are already clear about all the aspects that you must take into account to create a successful advertising campaign through coupons. However, there is still something missing that you have to analyze before launching the discount sales you planned. We are referring to the communication channels that you can use to distribute the coupons to your target audience.

Today, you can use different means of communication to send promotions, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In any case, among all of them, we recommend taking advantage of the incredible benefits offered by Email Marketing , SMS marketing and landing pages, wide-reaching channels that will help you achieve your goals just as you had thought.

Email Marketing

We started with email marketing. As we all know, the use of this tool is part of a really effective marketing strategy because it is direct and customizable, two key factors to win over potential buyers.

Considering the large number of advantages offered by emails, it is not surprising that it is the most loved tool by companies to send promotions , especially because they require a low investment , are easy to create and are measurable, so you can analyze their actual effectiveness. All this makes it a suitable channel for sending the discount code.

SMS Marketing

Another truly effective means of communication and highly appreciated by your audience is SMS Marketing . Unlike email marketing, sending text messages turns out to be more effective for the simple fact that there is less competition in the sector.

In fact, most companies focus on mass emailing, so creating personalized SMS to distribute coupons turns out to be a successful strategy to drive the next purchase. Because? Simply, because the chances that the reader will read and use the promotion are higher.

Likewise, it should be noted that sending Massive SMS has a low cost , so it offers an economic competitive advantage that you cannot miss. Not to mention that it is a medium that can be personalized in each of its elements to create a closer link with the audience, in addition to offering the possibility of scheduling and automating shipments to save time, money and resources.

Landing page

Finally, we cannot not mention landing pages or landing pages. A well-thought-out landing page built to gain the attention of visitors can be the perfect tool to launch your promotional advertising campaign. In this sense, it is important to highlight that the attractive and eye-catching landing page allows you to increase the level of conversions, favoring the increase in the number of customers of your brand, probabilities that increase if you add a discount coupon that encourages the purchase to reward the visitors who They fill out your form and convert it into a lead.

In addition, the landing page will help you create a larger contact database because you can encourage the visitor to leave their personal information to be contacted in the future by offering irresistible coupons.

to go closing

In conclusion, discount coupons are a very effective marketing strategy to win over potential buyers and increase sales, even in a competitive scenario like ours. Indeed, the excellent strategy of promotional coupons not only improves the impact of your brand and increases the profits of your online store or e-commerce, but it will also help you generate a larger contact database.

As you may have noticed, this type of offer is really effective and successful. The important thing is to define the objectives to be achieved, plan how to create the coupon, what are the application conditions and which distribution channel to use. By following the advice we give you, you can convert buyers and visitors into customers and, in the future, with the right tools, you can even start a loyalty program.

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