Customer acquisition strategies

When working on customer loyalty, we cannot neglect customer acquisition strategies that guarantee the existence and survival of our company or brand. Within a company, there is always a natural flow of incoming and outgoing customers, so we have to work on the balance between keeping them and attracting them.

Recruitment is the search for potential customers that we want to convert into final customers. This process has to be a constant effort.

How to attract customers' attention

First of all, we must define who our target customer is. The type of customer we want to attract is called Buyer. Subsequently, we develop the AIDC method:

  • Attraction: The first thing we must do is to capture the customer's attention. This moment is crucial because the first impression of our brand towards the customer will mark the future of our relationship with him.
  • Interest: Once we have captured the customer's attention, we have to generate interest by offering a benefit or providing value.
  • Demonstration: At this stage, we focus on the benefits of the product or service. A person needs to receive between four and seven impacts before making a purchase.
  • Close: This is the time to close the sale. A call-to-action is the final push the customer needs to finally make the purchase.

Types of customers

There is not only one type of customer. We can establish three types of customers, which are detailed below:

  • Habitual Customer: When we capture a new customer, we must focus all our efforts on creating a habit of consumption of the customer towards our brand. Here the life cycle of our product is influential.
  • Lead: Thanks to new technologies, we can increasingly get to know our customers better. We can classify consumers by the channels they use and how they use them. Our potential customer is on the cell phone, since he possibly uses this device in his purchasing process. Although not all users behave in the same way.
  • Influencers: Our best ambassadors are our customers. This is achieved by converting our leads into recurring and satisfied customers.

How to attract new customers

To attract new customers, there are different customer acquisition strategies that can help us achieve our goals. Above all, we need to have a clear strategy and use a bit of psychology to carry out these customer acquisition strategies.

  • Promotions: Without a doubt, are a good lure for customer acquisition. Although many of the people who come to buy these types of promotions are usually not very loyal.
  • Exclusivity and scarcity: We can also resort to exclusivity or scarcity of products. With this we can obtain good results.
  • Satisfied customer = Prescriber: As we mentioned before, satisfied customers are the best ambassadors of our brand. So we can take advantage of their opinions and recommendations since many customers, before deciding to buy, consult the opinions and recommendations of other customers. We can show the best opinions of our customers as long as they are honest and do not seem artificial.
  • Influencers: Although our best prescriber is our customer, we must also take advantage of the collaboration of influencers to help us spread our brand and thus attract new customers.
  • We can create collaborations with relevant people in our sector as a gateway. For example, if our brand is related to fashion, we can collaborate with influencers who are dedicated to fashion. This will multiply the effects of our campaigns.
  • Differentiation, personalization and value: We must know how to differentiate ourselves from our competition, be able to provide value to our customers, offer security and trust and above all, agile and direct communication. In this way, we will be able to convert our leads into real customers.

Efficient customer acquisition strategies

There are different promotions for customer acquisition. They are divided into price promotions (the price influences) and non-price promotions (the price has no influence at all).

Price-based promotions

  • Special offer: For a period of time, several or all products are offered for sale at a lower price than usual.
  • Sales: The prices of all or almost all items are reduced. Only two sales seasons can be held annually (at the beginning of the year and in the summer).
  • Immediate discount coupon or voucher: The price of a product is reduced by an amount reflected in a voucher or coupon to be presented at the time of payment.
  • Sale by lot: when buying more than one different product, the price to be paid is lower than if purchased separately.
  • Sale of balances: It is the sale of products at a lower price than usual because they are deteriorated, obsolete, in disuse.
  • Liquidation sale: These are products with discounts when you want to finish with the existing stock in the establishment for reasons such as, transfer, closing, reform, end of season, etc.

Non-price based promotions

  • Additional product: In this case, more than the usual quantity of the product is offered at the same price.
  • Samples: In this case, when purchasing the product in promotion, a product in a package with a smaller size than usual is given as a gift.
  • Direct gift: It is obtained for the purchase of one or more units of the product in promotion.
  • Deferred gift: The gift is given after the presentation or shipment of one or more proofs of purchase.
  • Gift coupon: When purchasing product on promotion, the customer is given a voucher that can be redeemed for one or more gifts.
  • Points: The customer is offered a series of points depending on the amount of his purchase, which can later be exchanged for multiple gifts.
  • Gift packaging: The promotional product is packaged in a different container from the usual one, allowing it to be used at a later date.
  • Tasting: Customers are given a gift or are given the opportunity to try the products.

Guarantees and ease of processing

Another fundamental strategy is to offer guarantees and facilities both in the purchase process and in the possible returns that customers may want to make of the products.

Valuable content

Offering valuable content or information is an excellent way to attract customers. This can be done through blogs, webinars, offline content formats, etc. The point is to offer interesting content that catches the attention of our target audience. In addition, this is perfect to show our know-how and branding of our brand.


Success in attracting customers will depend on our ability to communicate with them. The basis of successful communications is undoubtedly: a close attention, adapted to our audience and within a multichannel strategy.

Channels for customer acquisition strategies

Different channels such as SMS Marketing or Email Marketing can help us to improve the user experience of our customers. These two channels help us to carry out economic but effective strategies.

In Afilnet, we have these services to create the best strategies to attract customers and thus be able to retain them. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact Afilnet.

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