10 Uses of the Certified SMS (2022)

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Sending certified SMS is an excellent alternative to traditional communication formats with legal validity, since they are more agile, fast, economical and automated . In this sense, given the evolution in the way of communicating between clients, suppliers, companies and the judicial sector, certified text messaging turns out to be an option that offers many advantages, such as those mentioned above.

Likewise, we must point out that, as often happens in the digital age, certified SMS has also evolved, so that today it can be used in many areas and in many ways. There are those who decide to resort to the text message to notify a payment or those who use it to communicate the step by step of a divorce trial.

As you can see, the certified SMS is very versatile and can be used in any sector. That is why we want to present, in this article, what are the 10 most common uses of the legal text message in 2022.

1.- Claim for installments, defaults or collections

Until a few years ago, non-payments or collections were reported by traditional mail or by telephone. However, thanks to the automated management offered by intuitive platforms such as Afilnet's, it was possible to start notifying citizens more quickly and efficiently.

In fact, remember that the most important thing when claiming payments is to have a certificate that certifies that the recipient has received the message. In this way, the company or entity that notifies the non-payment situation obtains the guarantee that there will be no problems when claiming during a trial.

2.- Notifications from the public administration (Payment of taxes, fines, inspections)

The certified SMS has come into our lives to improve the notification management process. That is why the Public Administration decided to choose to implement the sending of legally valid text messages to notify inspections, fines, remember administrative appointments or attendance at polling stations.

The main advantages have to do with the possibility of sending wide-ranging, personalized and automated notifications.

3.- Notifications of changes in contract conditions

Contracts are constantly subject to changes in terms and conditions . If you want to avoid legal problems or claims by users, the company has to ensure that the client receives communication about changes in the conditions of the contract signed by the parties.

In this case, the certified SMS becomes very important reliable proof for companies or entities because it guarantees, in the future, that the user cannot initiate claims or legal claims due to ignorance of the modifications.

4.- Modification or cancellation of insurance

Insurance companies can use certified SMS to communicate important information to clients in a few minutes. The main advantage of using the legally valid text message for insurers is the certainty that the recipient, that is, the user, was duly notified and cannot make claims or deny having received the communication.

That is why it is useful to send the notification that communicates the changes or cancellation in the insurance contract by certified text messaging. In addition, we must point out that, in most cases, insurance changes affect a large group of clients, so it is cheaper and more efficient to send a certified SMS than burofax.

5.- Request to cancel services (Telephony, Electricity, Water)

Did the contracted service not meet expectations, did the stipulated contract conditions change or are you no longer interested in the contracted service? In this situation, the user can request to cancel the service .

In general, it is recommended to make this type of request using a communication channel that provides a certificate that accurately states the order made. That is why it is suggested to send a certified SMS where the day and time of sending and delivery of the message is specified, in addition to its content.

At the same time, when the company has processed the service cancellation request, you can send a certified SMS to confirm the cancellation. In this way, there is evidence of the fulfillment of the client's request and the date on which it has been carried out.

6.- Registration in the delinquent file

Delinquency is one of the most widespread problems today in banking and credit institutions. Crisis, low labor supply, increased cost of living, among others, made many people unable to meet the agreed payments.

In case of having made prior claims duly notified through reliable communication channels such as SMS, banks or other credit organizations can request to register natural or legal debtor persons in the delinquent file. When this process ends, as happens with non-payment claims, legal regulations require that the registration in the file be communicated to the defaulters involved.

This is a forceful measure that puts considerable pressure on the debtor, so it is necessary to communicate this situation by means of a certified SMS that is direct and far-reaching. As in the previous cases, the certifications of sending and delivery of the message issued by platforms that manage the service such as Afilnet, are essential to have proof that the person concerned was notified in a timely manner.

7.- Notification of changes in working conditions or dismissals

One of the most common uses of certified SMS is the sending of notifications by a private company in the event of changes in working conditions or dismissal. The reason why many companies prefer text messages has to do with the fact that the communication is instant, personal and legally valid.

Therefore, once the message is sent and received by the employee, it is considered duly and legally notified. If at any time, a legal proceeding is initiated in court, the company is assured that it has respected the legal regulations by having duly notified the worker of the changes in working conditions or the dismissal.

8.- Claims related to communities of owners

Today, there has been an exponential increase in claims and conflicts between homeowners and tenants due to breach of contract , damage, among others. Before these conflictive situations, the need arose to find a way to communicate claims quickly and legally without having to spend too much.

The perfect alternative is the certified text message, whose delivery is immediate, does not require an internet connection and is very cheap. Many prefer it to the classic burofax because its cost is low, but at the same time, it allows you to make a legal claim that records an issue that cannot be answered.

9.- Communications between couples due to divorce

In the legal field, one of the most common cases that a lawyer must face is divorce. Due to the tensions that may exist between the spouses and to avoid unnecessary confrontations , it is recommended that any type of communication (notifying the conciliation appointment, notifying the scheduling of the day of the trial, result of the sentence, among others) be carried out through certified SMS.

This messaging format is fully legal and can be customized depending on what has to be notified, giving proof of everything related to the divorce. In this way, the people involved in the lawsuit do not have to start a conversation with each other that can lead to a tense situation.

10.- Notifications for data deletion or user privacy (LOPD)

In the technological and internet age, user data is in constant danger of being disclosed or sold without the person's explicit permission. Because, in many cases, the disclosure of these personal data to telephone companies, marketing companies, etc., has not been authorized, users can request its deletion.

To do this, you can use the sending of a text message notifying the request for data deletion due to breach of user privacy. At the same time, the competition agencies that regulate these cases can send a certified SMS, where it is communicated that the request for removal of sensitive data has been made, leaving proof of compliance.


Courts, law firms, private companies, banks, credit agencies and public administration are some of the sectors that have chosen to implement certified SMS as the main reliable and legal communication channel.

The speed, efficiency, great scope, customization and legal validity are some of the reasons that have driven the use of certified text messaging in many areas of daily life. It is not surprising, then, that numerous institutions, companies and organizations decided to trust certified text messages , also considering that the platforms that manage this service such as Afilnet are constantly evolving to offer the best quality.

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