Everything you need to know about Certified Email

Today, the way you communicate is essential, especially if the information to be sent is of a legal nature . Faced with this situation, when it is necessary to have a guarantee that the issued documentation is received by the recipient, whether it is an individual or a company, the best communication channel is undoubtedly certified Email.

Fast, personalized and, above all, legally valid, certified email has quickly become the means used by many, including lawyers, courts, banks and corporations, to send documents, files and information that must be received by the recipient and obtain a certificate of acknowledgment of receipt.

As you may have noticed, Certified Email offers many advantages that other means, such as Burofax, cannot, so its incredible popularity is not surprising.

If you want to discover how this legal communication channel works, why to use it and why you should implement it in your company, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you about this and much more so that you can use this service from now on.

How does Certified Email work?

As we mentioned before, certified email is a means of communication used when the information sent is of the utmost importance and a document is needed to certify that the recipient has received the email.

Its operation is not complicated at all. In order to send this type of email that has legal validity and can be presented as evidence before a judge in the event of a trial, it is necessary to contact a service provider such as Afilnet.

After having contracted the service, choosing a trusted provider, all you have to do is enter the platform, write the email that must be sent, add the recipient's email address and that's it.

All subsequent work will be carried out by the company that provides the service. In this sense, the provider will be in charge of sending the email. Then, when the email is delivered to the recipient, the company in charge will provide you with the certificate of legal validity.

Now, so that you better understand how it works, we are going to explain what the certification is for. The company, in this case, becomes a digital witness attesting to the sending and delivery of this email, including its content, so that the certificate is solid evidence to present before a judge in case of necessity.

Then, all the management of the transmitted data is in charge of the provider that protects the communication and its data against cases of theft or unauthorized alteration. After processing and making the final delivery of the email, the provider such as Afilnet finally creates the certificate as evidence of legal validity to the sender, accrediting the communication carried out to be reliable proof.

The following information is provided in the certificate: the email account of origin, the email account of the recipient, the date and time of sending, the title of the email, the content of the email and the content of the attachments.

Why use Certified Email?

Using the certified Email service can be very useful to send all the very important information that must be delivered or read by the recipient for the process to be legal. As you may have noticed, then, certified email, like the burofax, can be a valid communication channel for important cases, including in the legal, administrative, and banking fields.

Indeed, there are more and more large corporations , courts, law firms, banking institutions and even the public administration that chose to put aside the expensive burofax, choosing certified email to process confidential personal and private information .

To give you some more explicit examples, in the legal sector, certified mail can be sent to communicate:

  • Call for meetings or trials;
  • Notifications between lawyers to clients,
  • Information between tribal and attorneys.

In the business field, email of a legal nature is usually used to notify:

  • Communications to employees (sick leave, layoffs, etc.);
  • Sending of unpaid invoices to clients;
  • Legal authorizations from third parties;
  • Procurement of products;
  • Registration or cancellation of contracts.

However, in the banking field, this means of communication is used to notify:

  • Debt refinancing;
  • Notification to clients;
  • Claim of installments or overdrafts;
  • Granting of credits;
  • Contract information.

4 reasons to use the Legal Validity Email today

  • legal security

With this service, you will be able to certify the integrity, sending and opening of the email, its information and even the attached files . In addition, this service is not only secure due to the certificate issued by the provider, but also because the delivery platform is totally secure.

In fact, it ensures that the information transmitted is not violated or stolen, thus guaranteeing the highest level of security.

  • Reduced economic cost

Regarding the economic cost , certified email is much more advantageous than other means. You pay only for the number of emails sent and that's it. If we think about the high costs of Burofaxes, legal email absolutely wins.

  • speed of delivery

Certified email is one of the fastest information channels that exist so far. In fact, if compared especially with the burofax, email is much faster. You just have to write the information to send, add the recipient's contact, add the necessary attachments and that's it. In just a few minutes, the email is sent and received by the end user so that they are duly notified and there can be no future claims.

Likewise, we must point out that this service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to quickly send all kinds of information.

  • Guaranteed traceability

Surely, the main reason to use certified email is the final document proving legal validity where the day and time of sending, the sender and the issuer are notified, in addition to certifying the content and files sent.

In this way, the traceability of all emails sent by the Afilnet platform is guaranteed, an email that can be presented before a judge because the service provider becomes the guarantor that ensures the correct functioning of the communication sent.

How to integrate Certified Email in your Company?

Hiring this service and sending a certified email in a few minutes is very simple. The important thing is to select a trusted provider like Afilnet, leader in the telecommunications and marketing sector.

Now, we are going to tell you the step by step to integrate this service.

Step 1: register as an Afilnet customer

To request this service, it is enough to enter the official website of the provider and register as an Afilnet customer. Once the registration is finished, the email must be verified by clicking on the link received in the email inbox.

Step 2 – Set up your account

Then, you must access the "Channels" and "Add new channel" option to select Certified Email and finally click on the green "Add certified email" button including your email address.

Step 3: send the email

Subsequently, you will have to open your own personal business or office email account, to then write the content of the email and add not only the recipient of the certified email, but also the Afilnet certification address.

Step 4: Download the certificates

Obtaining the corresponding certificate is easy. Go back to your Afilnet client profile, enter the administration menu, and select "Sent" and "See details" to download the certificate.

As you may have noticed, integrating the certified email service is very simple, since it does not require creating new emails. Using the address of your company or job position, you can send the email and contract the service and then receive the corresponding certificate.

Now, we are sure that you must be wondering the cost of this service. You should not worry because its price, as we told you before, is very accessible, especially when compared to the very expensive burofax.

That being said, integrating this service into your company can require a very variable budget depending on the amount of email that must be sent. Anyway, to give you an approximation, each email has a cost of €0.50. What you should keep in mind is that each certified email can be up to 5 MB in size, including attachments. If this value is exceeded, then the value of another email will be charged.


To conclude today's article, we would like to point out that one of the safest communication channels to send reserved and personal information is certified email. Its high levels of security and traceability make legally valid mail a reliable means that can be used in multiple fields so that communication is increasingly efficient and fast.

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